WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

BeSt BiTs AbOuT mY SiTe:

THATS ME! drawn by me! hehe

HAHAHAHA see what boredom does..my first attempt at making an animation! hehe

hEy PpLz, My names Michy and im a punk/metal/rap loving chick that loves watching motox... freestyle mostly, I currently live in Melton Victoria.. which isnt bad but atm i got no riders to watch so im shattered.. lol .. anyways thanx for coming to my site.. i know its not much or anything but yeah im trying... so dont forget to sign my guestbook and check out my links!

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Hyper World ... Find out how hyper you are with this mad quiz! Now make sure you answer each question truthfully and at the end you'll find out just how mad you are! Have fun!

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