hey hey this is a page dedicated to the hotties of Dirtbike riding!! *droolz*
WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

SuM PhOtOs I HaVe Of AuSsIe RiDeRs:
hEy PpLz, This page is dedicated to all the hot riders in Australia that i know and either chat to and are buddies OR they have let me put pics of them up!! *DROOLZ*

The order of the photos are:

1. Matty is the biggest champ and just look at him.. MMMmm and he is a ford man!! even more awesome.. he is from W.A

2. This absolute hottie is Andrew Christie aka Andy!! he is such a sweetie and so awesome! !yay andyyyyy! w0ot w0ot!!

3. Maddo (Robbie Maddison).. he is such a nice guy and so modest ... such talent and really good looking!! hehe go MADDO!!!

4. Scotty.. he is a crazy little 50 rider!! he goes off.. and such a cutie!!!!

5.This spunk is Grant and he is a legend from N.S.W!!! yay

6.Matty.. well little matty.. he is a youngin from QLD.. w0ot w0ot!

7. This funny little champ is Scobes he is from W.A!! go scobes!!!!

8. Sammo!!! aka Shaft.. hehe this hottie is so awesome.. so cute and so damn nice!!! best combo you could ask for ever!! hehe

9. MC CHRIS!! lmao!!! isnt he just a little hottie!!! go the axe god that is chris!!! lol.. always funny too hehe

SeCoNd PhOtO PaGe!!- last days of skool!

ThIrD pHoTo PaGe!!

FoUrTh pHoTo PaGe!

BaCk To MaIn PaGe!

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