WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

ThIs Is A pAgE aLL aBoUt Me!

THATS ME...sorry to frighten u ppl! hehehe u will get over it eventually or suffer from relentless mental scarring! hehe

hEy PpLz, My names MiChY and i am currently living in Melton, Victoria.. I love Melbourne now.. but it still kinda sucks cos i miss my Bundaberg friends SOOO much!... i shall visit them at every chance i get!!!

ThE LoVe Of My LiFe- bland lol nothings happening!! haha as usual.. i hate being single!!

fAv PpLz iN mUsIc- EMINEM, Grinspoon, Matchbox20, 28 Days, Presidents of the United States of America, Jimmy Eat World, Xzibit, Linkin Park, Greenday,Nirvana, Metallica, Blink182, No Doubt, Good Charlotte, The Bloodhound Gang, Rob Zombie, Live, The Offspring, Saliva, Sum41, Goldfinger, Guttermouth, Disturbed, Korn, Puddle of Mudd and there is a shit load more i just cant member at this present time!

hObBiEs- i love hanging with my friends.. and i used to love watching my mates do freestyle motox but they all moved.. so i gotta wait til i get the chance to visit or watch other rides.. umm i love the net aswell and partying and gettin tanked!! lol !!!

Date Of Birth- 12th September 1985 ( im an old chookin!. well not really but yeh! old enough! i dont wanna get older then i am now (19)) lol

Favourite New Song -Sic Transit Gloria by Brand New

Favourite Older Song- The Offspring - Gone Away

Favourite Movies- Supertroopers, Shawn of the Dead, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Out Cold, Finding Nemo, Dumb and Dumberer ,Final Destination 2, Jackass the movie, 8 mile, Just Married, Lilo and Stitch, Final Destination, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Once Were Warriors, Ali G in da house, 10 Things I Hate About You , Con Air, Duece Bigalow, Idle Hands, The Wedding Singer and Caddy Shack (i love at the end wen the little golfer dances wif the poodle! tee hee hee!).. oooh and i almost forgot.. ICE AGE!!! there is lots more!!

Most Hated Movies- The Cable Guy, Momento, Dances With Wolves, Water World and Romper Stomper!!! I dont like really violent movies and yeh stupid ones! hehe


1. Spikey Hair, Shaved or Wears a Hat (any hairs cool really as long as it aint no damn MULLET!)

2. Great sense of humour or atleast be able to take a joke!

3. Do or are interested in Extreme sports e.g: Freestyke Moto X dude (WHAT A TURN ON! Mmmm Mmm), Skater, Surfer

4. Likes punk, metal, rap and oldies music...basically anything with good lyrics!!!font>

5. Being taller then me or the same height as me.. a bit shorter is ok.. i just couldnt handle a guy that was wayyyy shorter! to much back work for me!!!! lol (im about 165cms)

6. Chubs on a guy is very cute cos it makes em cuddly.. i love it hey!! hehe but no chubs is good too!!!

7. Preferably my age or 1 yr younger or older is good altho i dont mind a few years older ( i just dont wanna b a craddle snatcher or a honey mummy!!!)

8. Doesnt mind me being a little weird and extremely hyper at times!

9. Likes Fords!.. or atleast wont bag fords to me! cos i hate that!(cos im a ford girl)


well here is a piece of art work i made in year 10.. which was 4 yrs ago.. its a clay head and shoulders of a guy... the kinda guy i like.. or liked then anyways!! lmao.. yay the punkness!

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