MiChYs FuNkAy JeWeLLeRy!!!

Welcome to my Funky Jewellery Page.. i am starting quite a collection of punky/plastic jewellery and studded belts!! hehehe yay!!! check them out folks!!


Well folks heres is some of my earrings! i love them all .. cos they are pretty colors and are sooo cheap to buy hehe cept the silver ones .. they were expensive (not including the lightening ones) and the dangly purple ones which were made by a family friend for my 18th!! .. altho one of my fav plastic ones would be the green lightening ones!!


Here are my necklaces.. most of them match one set or the other of my earrings so yeh it works well i can coordinate which i love to do... my dog colar necklace on the purple leather is a best friend thingy my friend steph (wenchness) gave to me cos she works in a pet shop.. she has one tooo!!


Well here are my bracelets i loves them alllll... and they also most likely match up wif a set of earrings and a necklace in my collection! hehehe