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Parachuting into a desert, severl Arabian swordsmen will charge at you. If you don't kill them they will throw sowrds at you, and at close range will try and slice you. As it takes them ages to throw their swords though these enemies are easy to kill. Continue onward and you'll arive in the main town which has more sword slingers, as well as a crazy Arabian who attacks you on a camel. Duck to avoid his shots and aim for him, not the camel. After he has been killed go right to face a few more swordsmen, and eventually you'll reach the sub boss. These 3 towers have rocket batteries at the top, but these rockets can be destroyed. Simply blast away at the batteries and destroy all three of them.

After the sub boss you'll get a chance to use the camel slug. Go right and you will come up to a wall. Destroy it and one of these SCUD missile launchers will appear. It's slow speed gives you the advantage to destroy it before it even gets a chance to fire. Go onward to take on more Swordsmen, and eventually you'll have to fight some new small helicopters -the red one is the one you should go for as usually when you destroy that one, the rest will blow up aswell.

After the mini helicopters are destroyed you';; eventually come to the boss: the Assault carrier. At first it will deploy lots of swordsmen left and right. After it's taken a beating, it changes tactics. Instead of deploying men, it tries to blast you with 2 under engines. Too make things trickier, 2 or Morden's troops appear on the top of the boss, using bazookas to attack you. Just keep moving left or right to avoid these attacks.

Free the first prisoner you see to receive the handy shot gun weapon. If you still have the camel slug from mission 1, you'll be force to get off it when you reach the water. There are several swordsmen here -take a good look, because after you kill these you won't see them again in the game! After killing them all, destroy the red barrel to enter the mining area.

Miners are fleeing as mummies start appearing. There's a miner who crawls away slowly from a mummy -kill the mummy quickly unless you want to see the miner become a mummy. Go upward to battle lots of mummies and destroy their mummy chambers.

Shoot at Rumi to make her drop some items. This entire section before the boss is full of platforms so be ready to time your jumps. Of course, you have to constatnly watch out for the hordes of mummies who often appear when you least expect it, but you get to use some good weapons in this section (the flame shot or shot gun are great for taking out groups of mummies).

Keep working your way upward. Eventually you get to a flat piece of land. When you get to the center, mummies will appear to both sides of you. Don't panic, simply duck to avoid their breath attack. If you have the shotgun, a few blasts will destroy these groups. Eventually you'll start going up a tower and will find the Slugnoid. Get in it and keep going up and the boss will suddenly appear. It can shoot energy balls at you, as well as having a super laser attack -when this starts to charge, don't stay in the center of the screen or it's curtains for you.

You parachute down on a train. Morden's soldiers are around in full force, so get ready to shoot through masses of basic troops. Go onward and as you run across the first few carriages the train will start to move. Go onward and you'll have to face a couple of the large tanks -duck to avoid their blasts. When you approach a carriage that you cannot jump onto, hit the level to make a small flap open, which you can jump on. You can then jump from this to the top of the carriage.

The locks on any carriages you see can be destroyed, and inside these carriages are some nice bonuses. You'll eventually come to a part where some hovercrafts attack you. These things launch missiles, but they can be destroyed. After you destroy the hovercrafts you'll be at the front of the train where there are a few surprised Morden soldiers, kill them before they even ahve a chance to attack you.

You'll have to make a leap from one train to the other, but it isn't difficult. When you get to the other train, go right to be attacked by a few bazooka totting troops. When they die, 2 Sarubia tanks appear. These things fire bombs which roll across the ground slowly. Use some bombs to destroy them quickly. The next section is possibly the toughest in the entire level. You have to run across the top of some carriages taking out snipers, but they are crafty and can take cover so you are most likely going to have to use bombs to get them.

After the last carriage with snipers, board the slug flyer and blast away! There are lots of different enemies, but none of them are much of a match for the firepower of the slug flyer. The boss of this level, the Dragon Nosuke, however, is more than ready to take you on. It has a rapid firing mini gun (with 2 different fire types) as it's main form of defence, so careful flying is needed to keep the slug flyer intact. As well as this, the boss can also use a flame thrower and fire bombs. If the slug flyer is destroyed, stay far away and just keep shooting. You'll be out of reach of the flame thrower, and will just have to carefully move around when it launches it's fire bombs at you.

This is a fun mission, as you can destroy an awful lot. Any buildings you see can often be blown up, simply shoot them a lot. Destroying buildings will reveal lots of rewards, mainly food bonus point items -it's almost impossible to not make your character go "big" in this mission. A converted double decker bus will appear at one point and needs to be destroyed so you can progress any further.

After the bus is destroyed, drop down to take on some boats. Watch out for some annoying shield troops above you, as these can often shoot at you without you noticing. After the boats, you'll have to fight a large helicopter and a small armoured car which can blast missiles at you. After these are destroyed, proceed right to find a metal slug. Jump in it and be prepared to rescue lots of prisoners and destroy mainy enemies -including parachute troops and tanks.

Keep going onward to destroy more and more. Eventually you'll have to destroy some more powerful enemies, but with the fire power of the metal slug these don't stand a chance. Eventually the enemies will stop coming, meaning it's boss time. Going by the name of Big Shiee, this submarine has treads so it can also travel on land. It has lots of turrets, but it's main weapon is a gigantic shell launcher, which ix extremely powerful. But due to how slow it fires, it's easy to avoid.

The streets are full of civilian cars which should be destroyed too clear up the path, allowing you to shoot at enemies more easily. Several of those small helicopters will attack, try to bring them down with bombs. You'll eventually enter an underground subway station, where more helicopters attack, as well as the usual basic soldiers.

A group of those small helicopters will attack, again go for the red coloured one to take them all out at once. At several points in this section, train carriages will charge, keep shooting away at them to stop them from crushing you. You will eventually come to a sealed door that needs to be shot and destroyed so you can pass through.

In this area you'll see these little machines with levers. Use them to get some items. Destroy the door and by ready to face a new kind of enemy -mutants. These creatures can stick to walls and when they turn red, they can explode to kill you. Keep moving right destroying doors you come across to progress.

One of the levels in this section will drop down a shot gun and a metal slug. The metal slug is extremely useful for wading through hordes of mutants. Jeep going right and evntually instead of fighting mutants, you'll fight Morden's troops and some enemy vehicles. The boss of this level is a submarine called Hozmi. It can shoot energy balls at you and also has a dual cannon which fires electricity bolts upward. It also fires energy balls in sets of 5 which spread out all over the place, so try to be away from the boss when it does that.

The enemy stronghold is well protected on the outside. Don't fall in the water -you'll die instantly. Watch out for missiles which launch out of the water also, as simply colliding with these will kill you. The enemy soldiers have placed themselves in ideal positions, by ready to dodge fireworks thrown at you as well as shots from sniper troops. You will eventually get to a bridge which has many soldiers on it who don't want you to corss it. Use bombs to take out groups of them quickly.

After crossing the brige, you'll arive at the sub boss's Allen o'Neil again! He fights in the same way as in the first Metal Slug game, but is considerably faster. When you finally kill him it's quite humourous, but that doesn't mean he's actually dead for good...

After Allen has been taken care of, continue right. You are near the entrance of the stronghold, and there are many soldiers dotted about. You'll also have to face one of those new rocket launchers just outside the entrance. Destroy it and the door will open, allowing you to go inside.

Inside the base you will have to corss over 2 submarines (which can be destroyed). As you get further in, the alien race known as Mars People reveal themselves, working with the enemy. Thankfully they aren't that hard to kill...

Until, that is, they start attacking you in large groups. Try to find any special weapon you can and kill them as quickly as you can to avoid being overwhelmed. This part of the level turns into an all at war between just you and the Mars People. Keep killing them and eventually you'll be able to move outside.

Outside we finally get to see Morden who's been absent for the rest of the game. However, his alliance treaty with the aliens is truely over as they betray him and capture him. You then have to fight the Dai-Manji UFO which deploys smaller UFOs to attack you. It can also attack you with a laser which fires extremely quickly. Shoot away at it and it will eventually crash into the ground.

However, this isn't the end. The Mars People mothership comes down and picks up the Dai-Manji, and you'll have to fight again. The enemy soldiers will now help you and fight alongside you, even bringing you a metal slug. This boss will deply smaller UFOs to fight you again, and also has a large blue laser. The laser isn't the main concern, it's the UFO's which are tough to dodge. Try to ignore them and just keep firing away at the boss. Special weapons often appear around the arena, so be on the look out for them as they can make this boss battle much shorter.

With the game beaten you get the score screen. Since I'm godlike and never use save states to my advantage I completed the game with no continues. Hell, I didn't even lose a life, I'm that good. Really. I don't think you'll be able to do that well. Gurgle.