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About Myself!



My name is Madeline Tan Pei Li, I am 18 this year.  Currently, I am studying at ITE College West ( Balestier) in a course called electronic.  I have 7 family members.  In the family, I am the youngest as I have two elder brother.


In this course you will learnt how to make a walkie-talkie, soldering components and study about circuit.  I found second year harder than the first year.   In the future, I wish to open a Pet shop as I was in love with dogs. 


Currently, I am working at Great World City, Jack's Place as a waitress.  I found most of the workers quite nice to get along and they were willing to teach me if there were stuff I do not know how to do or handle.  Previously, I been before a cashier at Bukit Mearh Centre for around 1year.