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Hello internet, my name is M.C. Jamez. Actually, my name is Julian. I'm from Utah. You may be thinking, "If this guy's an experimental music artist, why the crap does he have 'M.C.' in his pseudonym?" Well that can be explained by the fact that I was origionally going to be a Nerdcore Hip-Hop artist, much like my friend Beefy, until one fateful night when one of my friends told me I sucked at rapping. As a result, I got really pissed off and recorded "Experimental" which you can get as a promotional single, bundled with "Bad Cheese" it's quite a deal and I would suggest downloading it in the Promotional Material section you can find a link to below. Feel free to look around and check out my blog, heck, it's the internet, I couldn't stop ya if I wanted to.

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