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  Ollie-ing is one of the easiest tricks to do though none of the skateboarding tricks are easy to do. the trick is very simple and WILL need practice! the point is to jump with your board under your Feet and land it all together  

(1) The first thing you have to do is to position your feet. Put your right heel of your foot on the lip of your board ( or your left if your goofy ) and then your left foot on the middle of the board


(2) Next slam your right foot on the lip down to make the front end of your board come up. You either slam your foot hard to make your board go high OR you lightly slam your foot to jump lightly.


(3) Right when the back lip hits the ground you slide your front foot up and then you jump and push your front foot down so the board is vertical ( vertical is --- not / )


(4) Push down on the board making sure your feet are on the bolts ( so the shock is not to hard on your knees ) and try to land softly on the ground.

My tips are that you try to do a perfect Ollie on the grass because its easier and then try on the cement and after you can do it on the cement try to roll and then Ollie while your rolling