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  Grind tricks are really hard to do but these are good for combo tricks like the 50-50 kickflip and all those other kinda things.  

(1) Find the obstacle that is low or high if you can Ollie that high and line up with it . don't go on it sideways cause your going to trip out the way you came from so when you are lined up you roll to the obstacle.


(2) Roll to it and when you are about one feet away Ollie. don't push down to early cause your back truck wont grind but it will get jammed and you will go FLYING!


(3) Right when you are over the obstacle push down and make sure that the exact middle of the trucks are hitting the obstacle.


(4) If the trucks are bumping and going up and down you are to light on the board so you have to put some weight on it so it will run smooth BUT if you put to much pressure you will slow down to quickly and you will loose your balance. 


(5) Grind down and if you want to Ollie off you just Ollie and push yourself to the place you wanna land but if you wanna run off the object then when you get to the end you do this manual-while-you-are-Grinding so the obstacle wont hit the board and scratch it bad


(6) land and roll off!