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_*Cliff Hanger Answers*_

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A buzz will never sting you
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tamborine
A journey of a million miles begins on the marketplace map
A kyrii will get very upset if its hair gets messed up
A miss is as good as a mister
A neopoint saved is a neopoint not enough
A scorchio is a good storyteller if it can make a Skeith listen
A tuskaninny named colin lives on terror mountain
All neopets can find a job at the employment agency
All roads lead to neopia
An air of mystery surrounds the acara
An idle mind is the best way to relax
An iron rod bends while it is hot
Ask a lot of questions but only take what is offered
Asparagus is the food of the gods


Bang and smash your way to the top in the bumper cars game
Become a BattleDome master by training on the Mystery Island
Be nice to Shoyrus or else
Be sure to visit the Neggery for some great magical neggs
Better late than never
Better to be safe than meet up with a monocerous
Bouncing around on its tail the blumaroo is quite happy
Bronto bites are all the rage and they are meaty and very easy to carry
Bruce could talk under wet cement with a mouthful of marbles
Building a neohome is a way to build a foundation for your little pets
By all means make neofriends with peophins but learn to swim first
By all means trust in neopia but tie your camel first


Carrots are so expensive these days
Catch the halter rope and it will lead you to the kau
Chia bombers are mud slinging fools
Chias are loveable little characters who are full of joy
Children should not be seen spanked or grounded
Chombies are shy and eat plants
Chombies hate fungus balls with a passion
Congratulations to everybody who helped defeat the evil monoceraptor
Count Von Roo is one of the nastier denizens of neopia
Cliffhanger is a brilliant game that will make your pet more intelligent


Dirty snow is the best way to make your battledome opponent mad
Do not bathe if there is no water
Do not be greedy and buy every single food item from the shops
Do not be in a hurry to tie what you cannot untie
Do not open a shop if you cannot smile
Do not speak of an elephante if there is no tree nearby
Do not think there are no jetsams if the water is calm
Do not try to talk to a shy peophin
Do not wake the snowager unless you want to be eaten
Doctor Sloth tried to mutate neopets but failed
Dr Death is the keeper of disowned neopets
Dr Frank Sloth is green
Dung furniture stinks like dung


Eat all day at the giant omelette but do not be greedy
Enter the lair of the beast if you dare
Every buzz is a kau in the eyes of its mother
Every neopet should have a job and a corndog
Everyone loves to drink a hot cup of borovan now and then
Experience is the comb that nature gives us when we are bald


Faerie food is food from the heavens
Faerie pancakes go great with crazy crisp tacos
Faerie poachers hang out in Faerieland with their jars wide open
Faerieland is not for pets that are afraid of heights or fluffy clouds
Faeries are quite fond of reading
Faeries bend down their wings to a seeker of knowledge
Flame the Tame is a ferocious feline fireball
Flotsams are no longer limited edition
Fly around the canyons of tyrannia shooting the evil pterodactyls and grarrls
Frolic in the snow of happy valley
Fuzios wear the coolest red shoes


Garon loves an endless challenging maze
Give the wheel of excitement a spin or two or three
Get three times the taste with the triple dog
Grarrg is the tyrannian battle master that takes no slack
Grarrls are ferocious creatures or at least they try to be
Great neopets are not always wise


Happy Gadgadsbogen Day
Have you told your friends about the greatest site on earth
Have you trained your pet for the Battledome


If a pteri and lenny were to race neither would win
If at first you do not succeed play the ice caves puzzle again
If you go too slow try to keep your worms in a tin
If you live with lupes you will learn to howl
If you see a man riding a wooden stick ask him why
If you want to have lots of adventures then adopt a wocky
If your hedge needs trimming call a chomby
If your totem is made of wax do not walk in the sun
It is always better to give than to receive
It makes total sense to have a dung carpet in your dung neohome


Jetsams are the meanest Neopets to ever swim the Neopian sea
Jarbjarb likes to watch the tyrannian sunset while eating a ransaurus steak
Jubjubs defend themselves with their deafening screech