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Welcome to

Spanish lessons from a native speaker and qualified linguist at your home or office in New York City. For more information contact me at ...



45 min
1 hour
1hour 30 min
for 1 student
for 2 students
$20 each
$30 each
for 3students
$25 each

Rates and Refund Policy

$25 when meeting twice/week!!!!!

Classes start with first month's payment.

Add $10 when meeting at your place.

For two students you can meet for an hour or an hour and 30min only.

For three or more you meet for an hour and 30 min only.

These fees apply only if you come to my location in Union Square (for private lessons) or at Citicorp Building 153 Lexington Ave.(corner of 53rd street between 3rd Ave and Lexington Ave.) Plaza Level (for group lessons).

I could come to any location in Manhattan,in which case I ask you to choose the 1 hour /30 min option.

For private lessons, in case of any changes (cancellation, change of the length of a lesson, change of schedule, change of location), if the lesson can't take place the way it was booked, please let me know at least 48 in advance, otherwise your deposit will be retained. Classes can be rescheduled within the period already paid for. In case the student cannot rescheduled during this period the class will not be rechedule and no refund will be issued.

For group lessons, I recommend that you don't miss any lessons, every week the group will be progressing together and moving on to a new subject. The payment of the missed lesson won't be reported to the following week. If you really can't come, we could set up a private lesson in order for you to catch up on the lesson and your payment will be credited to the total amount of the private lesson. This should be done before the following lesson.

If one or more are absent the price does not change. Ther absent student is responsible for his part or the students in attendance must split the difference.

Please Regsiter before paying.

For payment click here.

Thank You!!! offers convenient packages for different types of companies and organizations.

If you wish to book a trial lesson, or have any questions, please email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you.