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About me

Hi, I'm the webmisstress, known as Liany... Yes I know you wanna find out the basic stuff, well here it is:

name: Liany ( like you didn't know that already)

age: 18

gender: female ( of course!)

eyes: brown

hair: brown-blond

hight: 1,60 m

education: sudent- H-school

hobbies: volleyball, writhing, singing, painting etc.

favorite anime: Inuyasha, moustly

favorite characters: Inuyahsa & Kagome

favorite stories: Romance, drama, action, fantastical.

unliked characters: Naraku and the zomby-miko Kikyo(nothing against the original character), and that imp/toad Jaken

country: I'm not telling! But english is NOT my official language, so I'll do my best on spelling in each work.

Other things:

I like having fun, I'm not some nerd that decided to work on a website. Really, I'm your tipical girl next door. I enjoy reading, as long it's not for school, watching movies and listening to music(I to that most of the time). I like spending time with my friends and family( unless they get on my nerves )

Well that's about all for now... If you wanna know something more about me, e-mail me and I'll add the information here.

Bye, thanks for viewing my profile!


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