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The one promised to me

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Chapter 1: The beginning

Chapter 2: Why me?

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Story: The One Promised To Me

By: Liany

Warning!!! Story for mature readers. NC-17. If you do not correspond to the condition, please leave the page.

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The one promised to me: Summary

AU fic slightly some OOC. Inuyasha becomes a slave, gets bought by Kagome, but is there something more that links them together? If so, what would they have to go throw? R&R My first fanfic. A lot of cliff hangers. R for language,lemon.. to be safe for short.

Now lets start the story!

Chapter 1: The beginning

In a far away kingdom a great ball was held in honor of the princess' birth. The castle was full of important leaders of that time: Great kings and queens, rulers from all the lands known by the royal family. Amongst them was the ruler of the Western Lands, the great Lord Inutashio, along with his eldest son Sesshomaru. His youngest, Inuyasha, being only three was left at home with his mother. Not that Sesshomaru was felling bad at all for convincing his father that a ball would be too much for his little half-brother.

The ballroom had never looked this good; the floor shone with the colorful reflections of the guests. There were thousands of candles everywhere; flowers on the tables and from the walls were hanging light-blue tapestries, the most expensive ones. Soft music played in the background; the most famous bands from the country honored the invitation to play at this extraordinary ball. Luxury was everywhere, from ornaments to all kinds of exotic food and drinks. The guests wore the finest jewelry and clothes, in varied models and styles.

Tradition in the Higurashi family was different from others and it was of great interest to everyone invited. It was quite an event, in 200 years this was only the second time when the order of the royal children was: girl, boy, girl. Most of the time, the order was: boy, girl, many times there were three or four boys before a girl. The fact was that not the first child inherited the throne, but the second child, if it was a daughter.

It was told that she would be the fairest, kindest and most loving of all, and for that to happen all the weddings went like this: arranged or not the couple had five years in which they should have the first child or the wedding was declared worthless and the princess would marry someone else. After the first child was born, if it was a girl they were supposed to wait at least four years before trying to have a second daughter. Meaning that if the first child was a boy, the first daughter will inherit the throne and the parents would theoretical stop having children after that. Since they already had a girl and a boy, the infant was their pride, and the next ruler of the kingdom.

Lord Inutashio was a very important guest, of course, not only because he was the most powerful ally of the royal family, but also a close friend of the king. Since they had hit puberty Inutashio and the princess' father, Keytaro, had dreamed of a family alliance between them and this was their chance. So, they had started planning the wedding, the castle and all the other things.

Sesshomaru, even at age 12, didn't find anything more interesting than sniffing... aaaah... talking and dancing with the girls that were gathering around him like ants to a picnic and making the other boys jealous. While dancing with one, he sniffed an interesting scent that he had noticed around their home a few nights before they had left for the ball. It had something in it he didn't like; for some reason he hated it immensely. He didn't pay it much attention for long, even though it was strange. A few hours passed, in which the guests danced, ate and drank, enjoying themselves. Then it was time to introduce the princess to the guests.

“Ahem,” Keytaro cleaned his throat, getting the guests attention. “I believe it is time to introduce you to the guest of honor...” Kaiya entered the ballroom through the big golden door to the left of the throne, holding the baby princess wrapped up in a baby-blue blanket, “I give you your youngest and the heiress to the throne: Princess Kagome Higurashi!” said the king with pride in his voice as he smiled down at the infant now resting in his arms. Her face was revealed and shown to the crowd, which was grumbling about how she would look like. Everyone was left speechless the moment they saw her. She was radiant, of the rarest beauty ever; her beauty would make even the Great Paradise Bird jealous. Dark-blue eyes, ebony hair, creamy-white skin and light-pink lips, she was simply perfect, as perfect a baby can be.

They all cheered in honor of the queen-to-be for a few moments, before stopping for the next planned moment of the evening to proceed. The presenting of the gifts that each had a special meaning in one way or another. The variety of the gifts was amazing, some even being creative, from toys to jewelry to pet animals.

Finally the ball came to an end. After the last guest has been shown to their chambers and the children of the royal family to theirs for the night, the only ones that were awake were the staff cleaning up the mess left behind in the ballroom and Keytaro with Inutashio and Sesshomaru in the study.

“Inutashio-sama, please tell me, how is Lady Izzaryo, I haven't seen her since Inuyasha's second birthday?” Keytaro broke the silence that settled itself among them.

“She's well; she's at home with Inuyasha. And drop the formalities; we've known each other our entire lives Keytaro.” Keytaro chuckled and gave a nod before a frown crossed his face.

“That reminds me, why didn't you bring him as well? I hope he is O.K.”

“Oh, he's fine, I though it would be too much for him, that's all.” he said, looking at Sesshomaru, who gave him an innocent look.

“That's a relief... Does he still have his' mothers smile?” he asked, sipping his tea.

“Yes. I'm proud of him, he made this himself.” he handed Keytaro something he was searching for in his kimono a moment ago.

“It's beautiful, and has a picture of his mother carved on it and this silver chain, wait!” he looked at it closely and widened his eyes at the realization. “This isn't a silver chain; it's a silver shred of hair! His hair!” Inutashio nodded in confirmation. “I think he's the proud one here.”

“I guess so.” Inutashio agreed with pride.

“Dad?” Sesshomaru interrupted standing and facing the two adults.

“Yes, Sesshomaru?”

“I smelt something funny during the ball.” he said, frowning.

“Another girl you like I suppose?” Inutashio chuckled. Sesshomaru shook his head.

“No.... it was something I smelt before, near the house a few days before we came to the ball, I have a bad felling about this, I think we should...” Sesshomaru didn't even finish the phrase when Kaiya burst in through the door, making the men jump out of their skins.

“Inutashio, Inutashio! Your home was attacked! ”

“What?!?” he asked, not believing what he heard and standing up.

“Jaken just arrived on Ah and Ugh.” Then Jaken entered the study through the wide open door.

“Lord Inutashio-sama, Sesshomaru-sama, we were attacked by a powerful youkai, he destroyed half of the castle and killed Lady Izzaryo,” he said all this in one breath while he bowed repeatedly. Inutashio went pale and his body fell limp in the chair he sat in before. He was in great deal of pain, as if his body was cut in tiny pieces with a dull knife. Through the pain he heard Sesshomaru's voice calling out to him.

“Dad! Dad! We have to find Inuyasha, he’s disappeared!”

“How?” he asked recovering slightly from the pain he just felt.

“He was taken from Lady Izzaryo by a servant, after she was killed. We found the servant’s body, but no sign of Inuyasha, Lord Inutashio-sama.” Jaken bowed low again, in fear for his life.

“Find him! I don't care what it takes, just find him!” he ordered, standing and walking to the window.

“Yes, Lord Inutashio-sama.” the toad demon bowed and left.

“Inutashio, I will send my men as well to help search for him.” Keytaro stated, leaving the room for a few moments to tell one of the guards his orders.

“Your not alone, you know that.” said Kaiya approaching him and putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Thank you Kaiya. Now I just want to be alone. Could you... take Sesshomaru with you... please?” he said in a pain filled voice.

“Of course. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything else.” and with that Keytaro, Kaiya and Sesshomaru left the study, leaving Inutashio deal with the pain he felt alone and to grief in the silence that formed around him.

A week passed, then a month and there was still no word of Inuyasha. Inutashio was never the same. Neither was Sesshomaru, who blamed himself for not telling his father from the beginning about the scent. From that day on Sesshomaru would wear a stone mask that rarely came off, even as the pain and self-blame diminished, it was still enough for him to remain cold and distant with most of those around him.

The years went by; most of the tragedy was forgotten, except for the lost. Inutashio retired, leaving Sesshomaru as the Lord of the Western Lands. In the Higurashi house there had been some changes too, but some of them were for the best. Kaiya's oldest child, Kikyo trained to become a powerful miko under the guiding of Kaede, the most powerful at the time, but Souta, on the other hand, took the heavy responsibility of his father when he died in an accident months ago. Kaiya had the job of interviewing possible courtiers for the young princess, Kagome turning 16 soon, giving her a distraction since Kikyo wasn't showing any interest in getting married.

Kagome became what the legend said about the second daughter, as the third child. She grew into a stunning young woman, kind, loving and smart and all the other things as well. Many were interested in her. Among them there was a wolf demon by the name of Kogua, leader of the mountain wolf tribe, but she didn't seem to be interested in him or the others, she just didn't like any of them.

In the past few years Kagome made some really good friends, who she trusted and who staid by her side always. Amongst them were: Shippo, a fox demon who helped her find her way back home after she got lost in the forest. She got so attached to him, that he stayed, since he lost his parents 2 years ago and has been alone since then. Another friend was her closest; Sango, she and her little brother were the last of the youkai-exterminator clan, that survived a terrible plague. She brought Kiara a fire cat demon with her. The last of her closest friends was a monk, yet not a holy one in every subject; he was a true pervert when it came to women and sex. But, he was a good friend and he was powerful. They were having a good time, but as time always was time, it flew by too fast.

Chapter 2: Why me? >>

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