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Inuyasha Characters Page

Inuyasha caracters

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Character: Sango

Name: Sango

Race: ningen ( human )

Origins: taijiya no mura ( Exterminator's Village )


Father - unknown ( deceased )

Younger brother - Kohaku ( still alive )

Pet cat - Kirara

Age: 16 ( beginning of anime )

Occupation: youkai taijiya ( demon exterminator )

Abilities: exterminating demons

Weaknesses: Kohaku ( his life depends on a Shikon shard that was put in his back Naraku )

Love interests: Miroku

Retainer: none

Enemies: Naraku and his minions ( for her family's revenge and friends ), other woman ( in love interests ) and other powerful youkais ( that try and hurt her friends, especially her brother Kohaku )

Weapons: huge boomerang - Hiraikotsu, sword, dagger

Attacks/ Skills/:

Hiraikotsu ( boomerang bone ) - The name of Sango's giant boomerang, and also the name of the attack using it. It was made from the bone of a youkai, and this makes it nearly unbreakable and powerful. 'Hi-' means 'flying', 'rai-' means 'come' and '-kotsu' means 'a bone'.

Dokufun ( Youkai Paralyzing Poisons ) - Sango's knowledge of various poisons (particularly ones that affect only youkai) is extensive, and she employs a few different kinds throughout the series. She wears a custom-fit gas mask to protect herself from some of the more potent ones.

Dagger gauntlet - Hidden in the sleeve of her kimono is a retractable dagger, but she rarely uses it.

Chain - Sango also has a chain, similar to Kohaku's but she rarely uses it.

Katana ( sword ) - A weapon that she sometimes uses in close combat or if she loses Hiraikotsu, but she prefers her main weapon.

Kirara- her pet that aids her in battle & fly on.

Personality: Sango really loves her brother, and hates to see him being used. However, the only thing keeping him alive is a Shikon shard in his back. She is trying desperately to get her brother back, not the lifeless shell that Naraku has made--the real Kohaku doesn't want to remember what he did (though he was forced) that awful night. She is a brave, kind, loving person.

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