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Hey!Whats up?This is 14 years old and im just an average teen(kind of)!I live in Illinois,a boring ass state.As you see above I listen to different types of music but mainly Hippie shit and Rock!I have many friends,they're the best.Im single and I like it that way-I can just be friends with benifits instead(much easier).This is my first 'web site' thing so be'll get better!Life sure is a bitch sometimes-but eventually you get over it.I love to chill and just have a good time..I just got out of two mental/behavorial hospitals,and lemme tell ya it sucked so fuckin bad..but w/e,ya know?Im bout to detassel in July and im gonna get tha cutest cell phone eva...But anywayz thats a lil bout me and shit like that! ~Holla~ Peace out..... *~Love Peace And Tha Bootie~* aShLeY