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Welcome to my page.

So here's my story. I hate myspace. Set up an account once, think it's still there. Absolutely hate it. So I set this up. Full control of my own site. Figure it'd be a nice way for people to keep in touch with hear about whats going on. A blog, I guess. Whatever. I don't have a lot of time to update this, but I'll try when I get the chance.

My story

My name is Jake Lowing. I'm a marine. Oorah. Grew up in Grandville, Michigan. Went to Grandville High School (go figure). Played some basketball, some hockey. Intermural stuff. Became fairly proficient at piano and guitar. Worked construction and motorcycle repair for a while. Graduated, June of '05, went to Michigan Technological University for one semester. Got into training to be an Air Force officer up there. Didn't like or the Air Force, though I do miss my friends. Dropped out. March 05, 2006, left home for the Marine Corps. Love it. Best job in the world. Graduated Basic Training May 31. Went to the School of Infantry. Graduated August 22. Story gets murky after that. Screened and selected for "Top Secret" special ops...vital to National Security...and so on and so forth. That's where the story continues day by day, as that's my current command station.