year 2007....

Welcome! it's not much but I think of this page as my mailbox thankx 4 droppin by.. I have been expecting you....
I'm home nooooowwwwwwww. i missed you so much ,you are all sooo beutiful! ahhh jk.

Shoutz 2 My People :

pouting :p

Angie Chief
Dana Keno
Tommy Gun
Marcel Meekis
Michael Houle
Bradley Suggashie
Mikey Meekis
Jason B
Daniel Meekis
John "Jo-Jo" Mcdougall

Gema Wms

Tiffany S
Marjorie Wesley
Samantha M
Elaine and Alvin
Jamie Thompson and P.T
Amik 'n' Fawn Gomm
Miles and Anthony
and The BGA crewe
Kirk Duncan
Aaron Beardy
Tiffany Keno
Moses and Jeff Kakegamic
Flo Shakakeesic
Tami Morrison
Darren Meekis
Karla "lala" Mekenak
Evan Suggashie

Alvin Keno and ya gurl

Mikey Murdock
Sonny Murdock
P and them CMB boi's
Ian Kakegamic
Roland Linklater
Robin "from tha hood"
Ricky Spence
Bobby H
Robin N
Dallas S
Adam N

Vibez and tha Skelpa squad..luvin tha muzik

The Developments/Lil'Chicago/tha D
Ricky D
Benji Lacasse
Guy Peters
Larry "porkchop" Kabestra
Michael Mann
Jon Funk
Clinton and Matt Martins
Grant and Greg Marsden
RIP to Leon Legarde
and "the boyz",
"Da Boyz" you know thats my old crew they still my crew!!
RIP Vernon Sanderson
RIP Joseph "Beeper" Spence
RIP Bobby Jameson
RIP Trever Sinclair
Evelyn Paul and Candace P

Randy $
My buddy
Rudy Pascal
Baby Don
Lenny Meekis
David 'n' Tracy
Eddie, Geordie and Kevin Suggashie
My sister's Anne and Doreen
B, Brielle, and Jonah I miss you guys sooo much
Robert Kelly and his son

Renee McDonald
Eric Strang
Carl Meekis and ya bro's
Eric Beardy
Family, Auntie's, Uncle's, cousin's, and grandparents

any other people, my extended family tree or whut not
...all thee above's kids and
baby momma's and baby momma's mama lol
..My past Boo's and the Boo's who don't know they my Boo yet

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Y! - clover_g_1999

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