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Since i have been studying in RAKESS for half of my life, most of all my friends are from this school. I have had so many fun moments. We have had trips, sports day, charity day, national day and a couple of sport tournaments.  Here is a photo gallery containing my friends and days spent in school :



A day at Hilton beach after a rugby match

My old friends who've moved to Al Ain

Guys lookinng perfect in the prom

International award trip

International award, camping in the mountains

Volleyball team, after a match at the beach

RAKESS Falcons, basketball team

Basketball tournament at our school

Celebration / Charity Day

School boys painting RAK's flag

RAKESS Goats, rugby team

School boys & cleaners painting our school logo

Our school's front building

Our Prom =)

An old friend who loft to England

Small, Blue football team

After a touch rugby match