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I got sick of dealing with stuff on myspace so I'm moving things here! I will do my best to make this as good as ever! For those who are new and don't know who I am, I'm Fate, a intern for imstar*. I'm here to help users who need help, tips, or even just someone to have a conversation with!

If you haven't gotten imstar* yet you are missing out! imstar* is the next generation of instant messaging, kind of like imvu but with a WHOLE NEW SPIN! The 3D avatars are out of this world, you can change the way they look from head to toe! It also has a little scavenger hunt game called experiences, they give you a clue and you go through the game items store and try to find the answer! For finishing each experience you get imbux and a reward. imbux can be used at the vurtial mall to buy clothes, make-up, contacts, expressions and moves for your avatar! Also there are quizzes you can do! And I can't forget, just resently added, MESSAGE BOARDS! on imstar* itself! Meet new people, get help with clues, just have fun in the forum!

Boys are now up on imstar! So guys come on in and hang out!

Hey all I want to make a photo album for everyone's avatars, so everyone can see how others make their avatars, maybe even get some ideas for themselfs! If you'd like to have yours on display send me a snapshot of your avatar. (You may send as many diffrent one's as you would like!) Send your snap shot to with avie pic as the subject!

Don't forget to check out the message board on here and sign up! P.S. As of right now I'm still working on getting a link back to this page from the message boards. Please bare with me until then.

Here to see what's going on with imstar* check out the links below and I'll give you the in's and out's.

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