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Do You Want A Tic-Tac?

Sites That Are Interesting

A place to go when you are bored..
Making fun of Burger King.. Funny..
A place to go to millions message boards..
Create your very own fart..
Create your own belch too.

Things That Gay

You like site? You no like site? MAKE IT STOP!! Back and forth... Who in the hell thinks of these things? My god. Some people have no life.

Mua ha


I'm gonna PUKE!!

Stop reading this. Do not read it. I said stop. What part of stop do you not understand? Man.. You really need to stop reading this. This is not for your eyes. NOT YOURS!! This is none of your business.. NONE! Stop reading this. STOP BEFORE THE MONKEYS ATTACK!! AAHHH!!!.... You know what? You are to late. The monkeys have attacked you and you are now limp on the ground. You know what is coming next? The worms.. Yes my friend. The worms are coming. They are going to eat your brain. You know why? You don't need it.. Because you are stupid. So stupid in a way that you can't understand that you aren't suppposted to be reading this.

I hate school... I think that it is a waist of time.. And if you see any miss spelled words.. There is your answer. We go to school for 8 hours a day.. And what do we get out of it?..... Jack-shit.. I hate preps.. They all can burn in hell if you ask me. And if you didn't ask me.. Well.. I gave you my answer anyway.. So deal with it. In 8th grade, my friends and I dipped pickels in ketchup and threw them at the preps.. Good times. Good times.. My hours of yelling... You should have been there.. I'm telling you. The best times of our school years...

La la la... This is just a thing that is taking up space. Doesn't really have a reason.. It is just here..

Oh Muh God

"Don't look at me.."

This hirts to look at

big little

Funny funny... Boom.. Boom... Boom..