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When Music Becomes Magic

"Ah, music,[...]"A magic far beyond all we do here!" a wise man once said.

My songfilks have become so many that I had to create a whole site to host them. I've also divided them into cathegories so that each of you would be able to go straight to what you prefere the most.

Please, don't forget to review. All you have to do is just click on the link below a song, and a mail message with relative subject will open. Remember, those few words really make me immensely happy, and constructive criticism is welcomed as well!

All songs on this site have been created by me, Alessandra Capizzi, © 2004-2008.
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Songfilks Cathegories

Characters Related Songs
Ships Songs
Christmas Songs
General HP Songs
The Harry Potter Moving Picture Show (in progress!)
Kelly's Corner