God and the meaning of life!

I know it's long, but plz read it! And for the lazy bums who just wanna know, look at the bottom... but no explanation! I think it is about time I get this on, um, well.. written down in an easy way to understand. I will now explain the meaning of life and the reason why God must be a monkey. I'll start by writing how God created mankind and such... For the few who doesn't knw already... and for my own convenience!(may not be perfect, partly coz I only know it in danish ) Any suggestions, anyone wanna know more, discuss it or whatever... Plz mail me... no hate mails :P I'd love to discuss this and make my theory perfect! In the beginning there was nothing but God. In 7 days he created the world and all the animals in it. He created the garden of Eden, where he created Adam in his picture(or in other words, he made Adam look like himself). After a while, Adam ogt bored and God created Eve from on of Adams ribs. Then a while later the devil/Satan or whatever came. He made them eat some of the forbidden apple, making the 2 first humans able to think and therefore they started wearing clothes. God was angry and kicked them out of the garden, so they could live in the cruel world outside. Here they met other people and the human race was started.(I expect that God, after he kicked them out, decided to create more peope, so they wouldn't be all alone. They were his children after all). This is what th bible says. Now... Darwin had a theory, which he, as far as I know, proved... Human originated from monkeys, but how could that be true, if God created 2 humans in his own picture? All this wil be explained... First the meaning of life... The meaning with life: As we know, Adam and Eve was kicked out of paradise in disrespect. God no longer wanted them there. He was angry. This, of course means that there is no meaning with life. Maybe there once was, but no longer, coz we proved not to be trustworthy or whatever... So... No meaning with life... but there may be... something just as possible is that we are to use our life on earth to seek Gods forgiveness, so that when we die, we will be allowed into Eden again and live in paradise for eternity! God vs Darwin How can Darwin and the bible be combined? Simple! God is/was a monkey himself. He created Adam in his picture and Adam was a monkey. These monkeys where like the monkeys we know now! Naive and careless(no offence to animal lovers, but compared to humans). Then thye did the "mistake" to eat the apple and they became smarter. Started questioning things and decided that you had to wear clothes. They were kicked out to the cruel world where God had already created other monkeys. They met some of these monkeys and they mated, slowly creating a smarter race, far superior to the monkeys. Of course we couldn't call ourselves the same as the monkeys and decided that we would be humans. Now, this is were the bible is kinda wrong. Humans are by nature an arrogant species(again, no offence) and we couldn't possibly have a God who was an inferior/lesser race, so the stories about the beginning was made so that God would of course be human! In short: The meaning of life: None or to seek Gods forgiveness! God: He is/was a monkey!

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