Jennifer Lynn Smith

About Jen!

I am to say some things about Jennifer(from now reffered to as Jen) and I will try to stay farely, shall we say normal? Well... Who is Jen? She lives in america, more specifically Pennsylvania(no stalking). And before you ask, I don't have any nude pictures of her... Maybe I should ask... no! *cough* Anyways. Try looking at her eyes up close(zoom for dumbasses).

I recommend you go to her site and to the tests site. For those who haven't figured it out from the list of info, she is 18 years old just like me(though I own her with 2 months). She fears to die alone with a million cats, but that won't happen. I'm sure! Even if it means I have to move to another country! LEAVE CATS! AND NEVER RETURN!!! Okay Christian. Take your pills and relax. You said to stay normal!

Crazy? No! Same interests? Not really, but she thinks my interests are interesting, which I find very nice :D Thank you Jen! I should better stop before I start posting porn here... I have nothing more to say at the moment... Salute to Jen!!!

Jens sites

Her own site... Go look! What are you waiting for?
Looks like some crazy game site... What do I know?
Like Newgrounds, just different.. I think
Tests, tests, tests!
Home of domo-kun(the sponge) <-- now it's official! HA!