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    I got a new picture from a school trip(32 kilometres on bike, about 45 miles I think). I will put in the class pic whenever it gets on the school homepage! Furthermore I decided to update the text here, coz the new school year started and all! Gaia thing. Yes... Soon!
         I am still 18 years old. Birthday the 16th of October. Only a couple o' months. Still a while I'll I move out, but I don't mind much. Living in a foster-family does have advantages (I forget the work I have to do on purpose :P).
         School started about 3 days ago (today is Friday the 8th of August) and it isn't too bad yet. First day we started planning the 3 hours of freshmen torture and had a few classes. Second day we ad a few classes and then went on a 22 km(40 miles or so) bike ride to some forest (I had to ride to school, so that made it 32 for me, 45 miles I think).
         Then another 8 km(12 miles or so) to and from some party... Great fun. Beer and a stripper. 3rd day was normal school, but it wasn't bad, coz I actually knew the Spanish we went through.
         Well... That is my life at the moment. Have fun all! And do spread the news of my site :D

    The new school year means new pics

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