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%%April 20 2003%% @ %%9:04 AM%%

%%Hey there! I'm Kristen, but everyone calls me Krissy. (yes even my mom) Krissy, refering to me, is 12 years old. She lives in Farmington, MN and apparently is always on the go! Krissy is a hyper-active wacko, with the sweetest boyfriend. His name is Ian Greaves. Ian has the best qualities and is always on the go, just like me! My friends don't approve of us going out, but I say SCREW THEM! LoL! Yup, even you Dani! My friends are almost everything I got. They are there for me and supply help whenever it's needed. Thanks alot you guys! I love you all! Welly, I am currently living with my mother since my dads a b*tch. And since school will be back on schedule Tuesday, thats... Going to plain suck! I hate school! That's one thing I hate. I hate my Tech. Ed. teacher the most! He keeps me after every single day and since that's my last class I always ALMOST miss the bus. And since Ian waits for me after that class, he always almost misses the bus too! GRRR! Thank god I dont have that class anymore! It ended Wednesday. ::YES!:: I gotta go for now. By the way, this is my first journal entry. By the way, use the before and after buttons to navigate the pages. Signing off at 9:28 AM%%

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