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Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling

The Iowa Hawkeye wrestling program is among the elite in college wrestling this is dedicated to those who follow the Iowa wrestling program.

Coach Tom Brands

Tom Brands was recently introduced as the eighth wrestling coach at Iowa, where he won three NCAA championships, was an assistant coach for 12 years and was a part of nine NCAA team championships either as a wrestler or as an assistant coach.

Brands is being called upon to take the University of Iowa back to the glory days of old. Iowa has one of the most prestigious wrestling programs in all the country however, as of late the dominence has just not been there for the iowa program. Hopefully Tom Brands will be able to resurrect the iowa wrestling program. With the recent addition of Dan Gable as assistant coach Iowa is well on there way back to the top.


1999 Division I National Champions.

This is a picture of that team from 1999. it was the last Dan Gable head coached iowa wrestling team to win a national championship. This picture shows how dominant the Iowa Wresling program used to be not to long ago.