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Valentines Poems

Valentine's Day is coming near
and this year my heart has no fear
because I know that you're mine
and that you'll love me all the time

This is the first Valentine's Day
where I wouldn't have it any other way
since you are going to be next to me
and I'll be as happy as can be,
like the happiest girl there ever was
because you love me like noone does

We will be like two puzzle pieces
once were together we will never be apart

I love this feeling, knowing that,
as a matter of fact,
I have someone to tell me
that they are happy with me
and that they love me
which noone has ever said
and truely ment it

To the one whom holds my heart
to the one who makes my life whole again

Im so lucky to have a girl like you
sometimes we fuss argue and fight

and i start thinking this isnt right
so i hold on tight

and begin to fight
to keep you by my side

Because baby me and you
belong together

for life

You received no valentine, that alone is sad
you didn't do anything, you weren't bad

some chump chooses his special girl
he exalts her so high, it makes your heads whirl

but no one remembered you, they must not care
do you say anything? no, you wouldn't dare

but there is someone out there, that's what they say
but that's all bull, when they say it we simply mumble nay

but i will not forget you, your spirit very weak by now
i will exalt all the unknowns till everyone else says wow

here is a written rose, cherish it forevermore
life does not have to repeat itself, no matter what the score

You Are Sweet Like Sugar.
You Are Beautiful Like a Bo-cay of Flowers.
You Are Funny Like a Clown.
You Are Fun Like a Kitten.
Your Love is like a puppy.
You Are My Love.
You Are My heart.
You Are why I Fight For Freedom.
You Are My Love This Valentines.

When I see the sparkles within your eyes
It reminds me of those midnight skies
The nights when the stars shine light
The indescribable beauty that shines so bright
A beauty, which sparkles up so high
Can never compare to your Heavenly eyes
And when I think of the sparkles at that time
I just keep thinking of you being mine

And when I see the beauty upon your face
I give you my heart for you to embrace
Within your hands you hold my heart
Your choice to love it or tear it apart
But no matter what you do and how you feel
I will always love you still

Now there is only one way to find out if you can be mine
Will you be my Valentine

Some Promises With Some Honest Lies
A Hope Of Love Before Another Lover Dies
We All Keep Looking No Matter If We Fall
We All Need Someone To Hear Our Desperate Call

Sitting There Right Next To A Window
And Watching Strangers Walking By
I Know The One You Are Looking For
The One Living Just A Bit Further From The End Of Sky

Mirrors Don't Show The Real Me Anymore
As Every Reflection Has Denied The Truth
Your Face Is Now All I See Everywhere
Since I Have Fallen Right On My Face For You

Staring At My Finger Tips And Wondering
If For Once It Could Touch The Edge Of Your Hair
Stretching As If I Could Reach To The End Of Sky
Opening Eyes And Realizing No One Is There

Mirrors Don't Recognize Me Anymore
As Every Beat Of My Heart Has Denied The Truth
Your Soul Is Now What I Feel All The Time
Since I Have Fallen Hard Just To Love You

I Hang My Hands Out Of A Running Car
And Fly Every Night In My Dreams To You
I Stare At Moon With An Burning Desire
Hoping You Are Staring At It Too

I Admire Every Shining Star
And Make A Wish When They Fall
I Scream With Passion All Night
And Hope If You Could Hear My Call

Shades Of Your Hair Doesn't Matter
When The Dress Slips From Your Skin
Our Dreams Would Never Ever Shatter
As We Begin To Cherish Our Sweet Sin

Those Long Nails Won't Scratch My Heart
While Searching For An Existing Soul In My Chest
I Feel Your Hands Playing With My Patience
& Wonder When Every Edge Of Mine Would Rest

So Tell Me Something Love
With All These Thoughts In My Mind To Keep
As I Visualize All The Beauties And Pain From Your Eyes
Do You Think These Nights Are Meant For Me To Sleep?

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