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Halloween Costumes

There are all kinds of costumes that you can pick out to wear for Halloween to go trick or treating with to show a lot of people what you look like in them. You can also make one into the "Dog Man" from the Legend Of the Dog Man song. this is a picture of a dog man mask for it: There also is a song to this dog man called; "The Legend" and in the true stories about Michigan it said that this creature was real and not fake, but then again you never know what is true and what is not! Any way so yea this is the dog man and im sure you can find a Halloween costume that will go along with this mask!

Here are some other costumes for little kids that will look absolutely cute on them:

There is Bob the Builder, care bears, eeyore, Hedwig from Harry Potter, and there are all kinds of other costumes that the little ones can dress up in for Halloween to go out and have some fun showing off people your costumes and stuff! 


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Created by: Rebecca Halladay