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Academic Skills






Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Helen Keller-

It inspiring to me because you have to take the chances to do something or anything or life will just be boring.  I always want to be challenged by life and by doing that I am never board with life and always doing something to just live life the way it should.  No matter where you go it should always be an adventure.  Life is very daring when you risk it.  It gets very dangerous. 

One day I had took my grandpa’s life in my hands one day we went to his house and he did not answer the door and I went on because the back door and I found him in his room on the floor that’s when I had knew that he passed away and I just got down and screamed for my dad and he came and I had my grandpa’s head in my lap. My dad tried to get me to go away from him but I stayed their until the policemen came to take him. My dad and I just sat there crying. I did not know what to do with anything. I was just so shocked. But no matter what the situation is you just have to way it out.

It just inspires me because it is very touching in a way but you just have to do something with your life or its wont is anything just boring and nothing to do, have a very miserable life. That is why people these day’s try to commit suicide or kill some one. That is why the world today is just not peaceful any more. But I am sorry Depew that this is not long enough doesn’t really do well at this kind of stuff.   


You are also going to find out more on the different categories that I have included in this web site. You will find out things about me and the community. Now I am going to tell you a little bit about me.


I grew up in Wyandotte all of my life until I transferred to Shawnee Mission West High School my sophomore year. I didn't really want to but I don't regret coming here it had helped me out a lot I have learned more than I was at Harmon High School. I have accomplished more now than I could ever at the other school. The teachers here help you out a lot and they are so nice to you and actually teach you something. Although I do miss my old home.

I am a funny and fun girl to talk to and hang out with once you get to know me. I am very out going, I love to entertain people and I am not shy. If you need someone to talk to I am there for you. I am also the kind of person that if something is wrong then I am willing to try to help the people out. their is so many other things that I can explain about me but I think that it enough for now.

I have a scholarship to play volleyball at Kansas City Kansas Community College. I am so happy but I have to thank all of my coaches that have helped me succeeded in life, Lori Depew, Coach LeDou, Katie Dowden and Terri Littleton. Thank You all so much for pushing me farther and farther.    

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