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Academic Skills





On this page you will find what I have accomplished and how our community is.


The City is considering a new ordinance to protect the health of our streams and to meet federal and state mandates under the Clean Water Act.

This new ordinance would adopt stricter rules regarding what is allowed to run down storm drains. Proposed Ordinance No. ID-2562 (.pdf file)
Illicit Discharges to Storm Sewers and Surface Waters

For example, this new ordinance would require restaurants to ensure grease is not spilled to storm drains, would limit the use of soaps and detergents in outdoor power-washing, and would require swimming pool owners to dechlorinate pools before draining them. 

       Things I am involved in:                          Volleyball- I have played volleyball ever since I was in the second grade.

Beach Volleyball- I have played beach volleyball only for three years but when I was little I went off and on.

Club Volleyball- I have played club volleyball for only four years.

Basketball- I have played basketball since I was in the first grade.

Softball- I have played softball since I could play T-ball.

Choir- I have sang since pre-school.

FCCLA- I was in FCCLA for only two years.

Track- I started playing track in sixth grade but had to quit in my ninth grade year.