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The different topics I am going to discuss and use are video games, Hip hop music, Eric Cartman from South Park, the 1995 film Friday, and Chris Tucker. The reason why I am using these subjects is because they are all my favorites that I tend to enjoy. Each one of the subjects have an entertaining and hysterical meaning to them. I want to make my website the most hysterical as possible and creative and fancy as possible. I hope that when I learn the different tools of creating a website, I will put them into use and try to enjoy creating a website for the entire world to see. As for my own profile, I currently attend Colony High School and will be a Senior in August. At first I thought that learing the tools of a website will be simple and fun to use, but then I realized that I could not catch up with all the work and there are many tools that I have not used before. I have never used GoLive before, so I am not an expert at all of the tools in the program.