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David Que's Pictures


The story starts with a man named Marlow who is the captain of a ship on an Artic expedition. He is writing letters of his journey to his sister Mrs. Saville who lives in England. He writes about how he is lonely and wants a friend. He writes that one day they find a man on a slab of ice and take him aboard. That man becomes good friends with Marlow but is always miserable and unhappy.

Eventually the man relates his story to Marlow saying that his name was Frankenstein and how he had a wonderful childhood. He grew up in Geneva and had the best childhood a person could have. Eventually he decides to go to England to study natural philosophy. Right before he goes, his mother gets scarlet fever and dies. His whole family is very sad at his motherís death but he still pursues education and goes to England. There he learns all about natural philosophy and figures out that he could create life. After several months he finally creates the monster. He is so struck by the horribleness of the monster that he becomes extremely sick. Fortunately for him one of his childhood friends just arrived and nurses him back to health.

Meanwhile the monster explores the world and tries to learn the ways of men. The monster is always driven away by humans even though he tries to be nice and compassionate. The monster tries to befriend some nice people living in a small cottage but is only driven away. He starts looking at himself with more and more hatred.

Frankenstein, once he gets better, prepares himself for his return to home but is delayed by winter. Right before he leaves he gets a letter from his family saying that his youngest brother was murdered. Frankenstein races home but on the way there he sees his monster running away from the direction of his home and knows that it was the monster that murdered his brother. He gets home but does little to help cheer up his family knowing that he indirectly caused his little brotherís death and had caused his family so much suffering made him incredibly gloomy and sad.

To try to get his spirits up, his father has the family go on a big trip to Belrive. One day he woke up early in a miserable mood, as usual. Not wanting his father to be sad, because he is so sad, he decides to go on a walk up the mountains to see the beautiful sights. When he gets to the peak he gazes down at the beautiful valley below and momentarily forgets his sadness. In the distance he sees a huge figure running at him with unnatural speed. He meets his monster but is persuaded not to try to destroy him until he first hears the monsterís story. The monster tells how he has been poorly treated and how lonely he has been. How, in a burst of rage, at the unfairness of humanity, he killed Frankensteinís brother. The monster demands that Frankenstein make a wife for him so that he can be happy and in return he will make sure that he and his wife would never again be seen. Frankenstein decides to do as the monster asks.

He takes a trip with his friend Clerval. They go all over Europe looking at all the sights. Eventually they decide to split up for awhile. Frankenstein goes to a remote island and begins his work on a wife for the monster. He rethinks his actions and decides that creating another horrible monster would be the worst possible thing he could do. He destroys his work and decides not to do what his monster wants him to. He is soon visited by his monster who tells him that if he denies him happiness then he will not be happy either.

Frankenstein goes out to sea on a boat to get rid of the remains of his work. The sea becomes stormy and he is forced to flee to a mysterious island. When he gets there he is apprehended and accused of murder. The person murdered turns out to be his friend Clerval. He thinks that it is indirectly his fault and becomes very sick.

Once he is better he is easily proved innocent and goes home. When he gets home he marries a childhood love Elizabeth. She is killed by the monster and the family is crushed. Soon after his father dies of sadness. He is so sad he spends his time in an insane asylum. When he gets out of it he is so mad that he pursues his monster and tries to destroy it. He follows it to the Arctic where he runs out of food but sees a ship stuck in the ice. He goes to the ship and is saved.

Marlow writes to his sister about the strange tale. Frankensteinís health declines and he eventually dies. The monster comes and was seeking pardon but seeing Frankenstein dead vows to go far away from civilization in the Arctic and create a funeral pyre and burn himself.