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On this Page is My Top Ten Favourite PS2 Games And Also A brief Review and Rating in my opinion

Note The Ratings do not essentially effect their position on my list as it is of my favourite games

10. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2


I have played this on PS2 And on pc and I must say the pc version is nothing compared to the ps2 version. This is in my opinion the best in its series by far recent attempts haven't even scraped it. Fast Cars, Loud Music Great Graphics For its Age - Need i say more???

Sound - 9

Graphics - 8

Game play - 8

Total - 8

Developer - EA Games

9. Prince Of Persia - Warrior Within


I Have Played This on Both Gamecube and PS2 and I must say they aren't much different apart from controls and a slight difference in game play. i only have six words for this game

Great Sound, Great Graphics, Great Fun!!!


Sound - 10

Graphics - 9

Game play - 9

Total - 9

Developer - Ubisoft

8. Metal Gear Solid - Series

Okay, firstly this is so low on my top 10 because of the disappointment
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty Was If it Wasn't for that it would have be number 4 on my list

Sound - 9

Graphics - 10

Game play - 9

Total - 9

Developer - Konami

8. Metal Slug - Series$FILE/metalslug3_ps2_rgb.jpg

I have been hooked on this game since I first played it. essentially its just your basic side scrolling platform/shooter and in all of its incarnations not much changes and to be honest I don't want it to because it is perfect the way it is.

I give this game a perfect 10 and I need no reason other than the fact I think this Game Rocks

Warning -  Anyone who plays this is going to get hooked, only play if willing to lose years of sleep.

Developer - SNK

7. Tekken - Series

5. Onimusha - Series


Ok this is probably one of the best things I've seen on ps2 since I got one and with no surprise

Millions of Demons, Over The Top Weapons, shoddily Converted text and speech

What more could you wish for (I bet if you can think of anything it will prove you wrong)

Sound - 7

Graphics - 8

Game play - 9

Total - 8


4. Devil May Cry


3. Resident Evil - Series


2. Silent Hill (Full Series)

I have played all of these games and I must say I could not decide
between them so I decided the series should sit comfortably at number 3
Arguably the Scariest Games Made and if not A close second nothing will protect you from the fear invoked from this game

Sound - 9

Graphics - 10

Game play - 9

Total - 9


1. Final Fantasy 5 - 8

Anyone who owns a Playstation or ps2 will know about this series, They will also know why it is number one.

This series must be my favourite without a doubt

the graphics may date and the sound too but games are about game play and this series never fails to deliver in each game the style changes completely for the new adventure. If every Final fantasy was made into a movie we would have one of the greatest set of all time.

 No rules can stop me giving this 100 out of 10.