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Hong Kong’s Current flag








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Quick Facts:


Main language: Cantonese

Population: Around 7 million people

Climate: Humid and warm year round

Location: South of China

Sections: 2; Kowloon(mainland) and Hong Kong Island

Transportation: Mainly buses, subways, and taxis




Hong Kong Culture




     The culture of Hong Kong is characterised by the blending of Asian (mainly southern Chinese) and western influences (primarily British), as well as the status of the city as a major international business centre. Though heavily influenced by Cantonese culture from the neighbouring province of Guangdong, there are also substantial communities of Hakka, Fukien and Teochiu peoples.


Influences from Hong Kong are widespread in foreign cultures. Cantopop music has made its mark throughout Asia. There are many fans of the Cantonese music industry even in Japan, and many singers have records in the Japanese language. The Hong Kong film industry has been one of the most successful and influential in the second half of the twentieth century and remains prominent despite a severe slump starting in the mid-1990s. Stars such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are known worldwide, especially in areas where large numbers of Chinese have settled. A number of Hong Kong-born stars and directors have made their mark in Hollywood, including Chow Yun Fat and John Woo.


Hong Kong has two broadcast television stations, ATV and TVB. The latter, launched in 1967, was the territory's first free-to-air commercial station and remains the dominant one; cable and satellite television have also become widespread. Hong Kong TV's drama and comedy series and variety programs are watched throughout the Chinese-speaking world and often launch the careers of performers and other personnel who go on to prominence in the film and music industries.


Hong Kong has a large and vigorous print news sector, with dozens of daily newspapers, in Chinese and other languages. The local news media, newspapers especially, lean heavily on sensationalism and celebrity gossip, a tendency which is often criticized but continues to sell papers. Hong Kong's media is relatively free from government interference compared to that of mainland China, and newspapers are often divided along political lines, according to perceptions of them as supportive or skeptical of the Chinese government in Beijing.


Literature from Hong Kong is also widespread among the Chinese-speaking world. Jinyong is one of the most beloved of Chinese novelists and widely regarded as the best wuxia ("martial arts chivalry") writer. His novels are still widespread, unchallenged and predominant in almost every Chinese-speaking region, including mainland China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.


Food holds an important place in Hong Kong culture, arguably even more so than in Chinese culture generally. Restaurants and similar establishments are the preferred venues for social occasions, as the average Hong Konger lives in cramped quarters that do not allow for large gatherings. Cantonese cuisine, particularly in the form of dim sum, is, like many Chinese cuisines, commonplace in countries all over the world.


Hong Kongers spend much of their leisure time playing games. Mahjong is extremely popular in Hong Kong, and it is possible to see people playing almost everywhere, especially during holidays. Chinese chess is mostly played by elderly Chinese men across Hong Kong, who are usually surrounded by crowds betting on the winner, and it is also popular among secondary school students.


The martial art of tai chi is also popular, especially among the elderly. There are groups of people who practice tai chi in every park in Hong Kong at dawn, making the slow and graceful movements associated with the practice.







Fireworks on Chinese New Year







Hong Kong is one of the greenest cities in  the world





The main transportation in Hong Kong: double

decker bus!!


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