I have many good friends, but here's a little info on the most important of them....
  • Meg- She's been my friend for nearly 10 years and has remained loyal throughout. Her full name is Margaret Elizabeth Foster and she (unfortunately) has two brothers. One's a pig and one's name is Dan. She is also 14 and is a month older than I. She also has a cat who's name is Sophie (Dopey). She loves singing, dancing, and gymnastics.
  • Justine- I met her in 7th grade. She's absolutely hilarious and a good friend. She's very trustworthy and good at giving advice. She has one cat named Tiger (Bow). She also has a mum and a dad and one brother named Jon. Although she is very boy crazy she's still a good shit. (jk) lol. She's great at singing and enjoys field hockey and like me, tennis.
  • Sagan- I met her in 6th grade and she is so god damn hilarious it's not even funny! She used to be in a comedy troop for the Children's Theatre of Maine and she loves acting (not to mention she is great at it). She loves the Simpson's and Fear Factor. One day she will be on fear factor! Her family is Irish and her mum is from Ireland (born and raised). She has two sisters and a brother. She also has a cat (sensing a pattern?) named Jasmin. We got our cats on the same day, from the same place and both our guinea pigs died around the same time. She's a great friend to have and good to talk to.
  • Amber- I met her this year and she is just like me. (Although she tried being me once online and her friend blocked her lol) We are very similar and she's hilarious. I love hanging out with her because we talk about anything and everything. She has three cats named Little, Yoda, and......whatsit (?) lol. She's a great friend and is VERY trustworthy.
  • Beth- I've looked around and her foliage is by far the most crunchy. She's one of the most funniest people ever. We talk about everything from throwing soda at old people to wearing carrot costumes to Homecoming. I don't think I could live without this one. She claims I'm her muse, but it's definately the other way around. I'd be nothing but a bag of eels without her hilariosity *accepts grammy and wipes a tear* Well here's to you my fellow bagpiper. *Salutes wearing nothing but cable cords*
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