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The Band

  • Cory Lewis: Bass Guitar -=- Backup Vocals
  • Brian Huggins: Drums
  • Todd: Rhythm Guitar -=- Backup Vocals
  • A.J.: Lead Vocals
  • Steve'o: Lead Guitar

    Alittle information on Steve'o:
    He got really mad and chunked his $1000 guitar on his front lawn and went in his house and to sleep later that night. He got up the next morning to find his guitar stolen from his lawn. It definitely has to be a sore spot with him.

    Behind the Curtains

  • Lisa: Manager
  • Brad: Head Roadie
  • Blaine: Comedic Relief (Pena style)
  • Jeff: Website Geek, Comedic Relief (Non-Pena)


  • Jeff: Head Webmasta'
  • Cory: Guy with info
  • Brian: Making the "Official" FFO Website