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Theme Park

What if the worlds of Final Fantasy collided? What if each of the twelve worlds was somehow brought together, around a single focal point? This is the basic idea behind the theme park.

The Final Fantasy theme park will be one of the largest in the world. Let's take Disney's Magic Kingdom for example. The Magic Kingdom has some eight different themed sections, three of which are basically space fillers. The Final Fantasy park will have, upon completion, twelve such themed areas, called "sectors", arranged in a circular fashion. Unlike most parks, every last sector will have great attractions to visit. At the center of the park, where all twelve sectors meet, is a towering structure that, by way of optical illusions and innovative construction, looks as though it fits the style of whatever sector you're currently viewing it from. The tower can be accessed from any sector, and is represented by the "C" on the map.

Entrance Area

The Entrance Area, shown on the map as "E", is a neutral zone, before the guest comes to the main, circular area of the park. The area represents the place where our world intersects with the worlds of Final Fantasy, and the architecture will reflect that, gradually shifting from a normal street from any small town to more whimsical, medieval designs. The Entrance Area will be home to some generic snack bars and gift shops. It will also contain a vaudeville-styled show featuring Wedge and Biggs, and a stable where guests can see and even pet anamatronic chocobos.

Sector I

Sector I is, like most of the park, arranged in a medieval style of design. It is also the first sector you come upon when entering the park. By all appearances, it is a quaint peasant village overlooked by the majestic Cornelia Castle. But within this village, you can find the epic 3D film, "Banishing Chaos", in which four warriors lead the audience into a final battle against an evil force.

Sector II

Explore a living, breathing recreation of a medieval fantasy village, under the cruel oppression of Emperor Barmekia.

Sector III

Sector III is the medieval home of the Onion Kids, and as such, is the place to be in the park if you're a young'un. Small, fantasy-themed attractions such as a carousel, a roller coaster, and others abound here. Also featured is the "Moogle Village", a puppet show about moogles, geared toward the younger set.

Sector IV

In Sector IV, enjoy the performance of the Troian Dance Squad, or rocket into space on the high-powered roller coaster, "The Lunar Whale".

Sector V

Here you can take a submarine down to the ocean floor (simulated, of course), and blast through a meteor shower and into the next dimension on a high-powered roller coaster.

Sector VI

Sector VI continues the medieval trend, but now distinct industrial influences are creeping in, and the sounds of machinery fill the air. Guards in MagiTek armor patrol the streets to keep the riffraff in line, preserve order, and get their pictures taken with guests. This sector is home to the Opera House, where you can see the stunning, "Draco and Maria" musical stage show in all its glory.

Sector VII

Mock seediness abounds in this futuristic slum. Join the fight to save the Planet from Sephiroth in "Lifestream", a combination of a dark ride and a roller coaster; riders follow Cloud down into the core of the planet itself to face the ultimate evil.
Also, visit the fine restaurant, "Turtle's Paradise".

Sector VIII

In an area designed to look like a subtly more futuristic version of our own world, visitors can get the willies scared out of them on the "Ultimecia Castle" dark ride, which takes them through a large haunted castle. One can also visit "Balamb Garden", to learn about magic, fighting, etc. Included in here is a version of the playground concept, and visitors can challenge one another as SeeD warriors.

Sector IX

Sector IX is designed to look like a cross between the fantastical castles and towns of, say, Sector I, and nineteenth century technology. It includes "Ride that Gargant!", a roller coaster in which you rocket through underground tunnels, being pulled along by what is designed to look like a gigantic bug crawling on the track above you. The sector also features a live stage play, "I Want to Be Your Canary".

Sector X

This area has a very tropical feel to it, and its buildings are mostly wooden (or at least designed to look wooden) shanties of varying sizes. In this sector, battle the terrible monster called Sin, in "The Pilgrimage", a wild simulation experience of an airship locked in mortal combat with the creature. Also to be seen is the Shoopuf, a gigantic beast of burden, and the largest anamatronic character ever built.

Sector XI

In addition to the live, outdoor "War Against the Beastmen" stunt show, which features various humanoid creatures doing battle against vicious monsters to save Jeuno, Sector XI is home to a stunning marketplace, home to not only normal souvenirs, but more elaborate (and pricey) treasures carved from wood, glass, stone, etc. There are also stores that sell authentic and extremely expensive weapons and armor, much like the store within Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World.

Sector XII

Sector XII is currently under construction. While the plans for the sector are shrouded in secrecy, visitors may pass between Sectors I and XI through a walkway that bypasses the construction site, with windows giving views to the work. Interactive displays along the walkway will give visitors information on the sector, and glimpses of what is to come.