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The Playground based upon Final Fantasy will be very high-tech, and a lot of fun. While there will be the traditional parts, such as slides and swings, the main area will be more akin to paintball, minus the painful getting-shot part. Each participant wears a special vest and armbands with sensors and transmitters within. He/she is allowed to choose a foam replica of a weapon from the video game series, and set out into the playground. The vests and armbands keep track of the amount of "hit points" the player has left; a number that quite naturally decreases when hit by one of the foam weapons, or foam balls of varying colors that represent different spells.

The arena is designed to look like various environments from the game series, such as the dark futuristic city of Midgar, or the forests of San d'Oria.

When a player's hitpoints run out, a blue light on their vest begins to flash, meaning that they're out of the game for that round. The last player still standing at the end gets to strut their stuff to a victory fanfare, while being cheered on by the spectators in the bleachers that surround the arena.