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Each entry in the Final Fantasy series includes a massive number of unique characters with their own motives, fears, aspirations, et cetera.

As such, it is completely unfeasible to make a character page including anything close to all of them. Therefore, I present to you the protagonists of the past five Final Fantasies (Not including the eleventh installment, as that is an MMORPG). Also, some recurring characters.

Terra (Final Fantasy VI)

To date, Terra is the only female protagonist the main Final Fantasy series has had. With scarce memory of her early life, she is forced to start over. And as one of the few people in the world that can naturally weild magic, she is highly sought after by the evil MagiTek Empire. Of course, she joins the rebel group, the Returners, to strike back at the Empire that stole her memories.

Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

Cloud is a mercenary for hire, but when you recruit him, you're getting way more than you bargained for. His long-term memory is so messed up that he can barely tell which way is up. Heck, he might even be a clone. All he knows for certain is that there's an evil man out there called Sephiroth, and that he must catch up with him at all costs, and stop whatever diabolical plot he's undoubtedly hatching. Cloud is probably one of the most iconic Final Fantasy characters, perhaps second only to Sephiroth himself.

Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)

Squall doesn't like you. But don't take that personally. He doesn't much like anybody. He'd rather curl up on his bunk in fetal position than deal with people. As a skilled user of the Gunblade (A combination of a revolver and a sword. Don't ask.), he is considered one of the top students at his fantastical military academy, the Garden (think Hogwarts for mercenaries). But his serious, by-the-book life and reclusive manner are brushed aside when he meets a spirited, carefree girl named Rinoa. Rinoa gets under his skin and dismantles the emotional barriers that he'd set up to protect himself, which leads him to become far more open. Whether he likes it or not.

Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)

Zidane is one of the few main characters in the Final Fantasy series that is actually emotionally stable. With a consistently positive outlook on life and a bevy of experience in all manners of adventuring, he's right at home in the chaotic quest he finds himself in. Zidane is part of a band of thieves/actors, who tour the land in a lavish theater ship, then rob the place after their performance. One such excursion leads him to a mission to stop a brutal nation from conquering the entire world. Oh, and he's really fond of the ladies, too. Really, really fond.

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Tidus is, like Zidane, very upbeat. But unlike his betailed predecessor, Tidus has a lot more on his plate from the get-go. For one thing, he hates his neglectful father. For another, he watched his home town get destroyed by a gigantic monster called "Sin". Furthermore, he was whisked out of his world entirely, and plunked down in another, where the population is in constant fear of Sin, and brave Summoners set out on pilgrimages in attempt to destroy it. Wishing to find a way home, or at least find his father, Tidus joins one such Summoner and her guardians on their quest.

Chocobos (Final Fantasy II and onward)

Chocobos are large, yellow, birds that act as the beasts of burden in the worlds of Final Fantasy. You'll find no horses there. Docile, friendly creatures (usually), chocobos are often used in mini games and side quests, ranging from digging for items to racing.

Moogles (Final Fantasy III and onward)

Moogles are... well, it's hard to explain moogles. They're kind of like a cross between a mole and a bat, which is what their Japanese name translates to. They're usually friendly, funny, and helpful. They'll often assist the player with tutorials, and other functions necessary to the game.

Cid (Final Fantasy II and onward)

Every Final Fantasy since FFII for the NES has included a character called Cid. Usually, the Cids are involved with aviation, inventing airships that the player can fly late in the game. But beyond that, each one is completely different from the others, in personality and ability. Some are gruff, some kindly. But all are firmly on the side of good, and will help the protagonist as best they can.

Biggs and Wedge (Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, X)

If those names sound familiar, they should. They were Luke Skywalker's wing men during the final battle in "Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope". Wedge and Biggs are, when they appear, always very minor characters in Final Fantasy, and are usually killed off early on.