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Can't Choose
"You just can't choose who you'll love and who you won't." Using Guess photographs.

I Shall Follow
"All my nightly dreams are of you, and where you go, I will follow." Using Guess photographs.

All I Need
"Love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart." Using Guess photographs.

Express Promo
This was thought up because I saw Connie had written in her blog about the sales. I made this to help her promote Express.

Goodbye Kitty
A gothic version of Hello Kitty, inspired by Willy. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty!

Doisneau's Kiss
"Life passes us by, but we are a painting trapped in time." Photographed by Doisneau.

Thank You
"Thank you for your friendship." Made for Roxanne.

My Kitty
Describes some of the traits of my Kitty. Made for Ken.

Pink CoCo
Edited picture of Connie made by brightening the picture and tweaking the color.

Another edited picture also using the same method as "Pink CoCo," but it's of Connie, Betty, and I.

Yet another edited picture using the same method, but of my sister, Emily.

I Need You
"I'm nothing without you. I need you." Using Guess photograph.

This was an assignment given in my Graphic Design Principles class: create a combination mark (a logo with words) for your own graphic design studio.

Flowers logo
This was another assignment given in my Graphic Design Principles class: create a combination mark for a flower shop called "Flowers," include pink ink.

"Mending a life. My life." I created this for my blog. Getty Images photograph.

"Lost in the Wind" I created this for my blog also. This was the image for my second layout. Getty Images photograph.

My Better Half
For Kitty, my better half. =)

You Know You Want To
"Try me, you know you want to."

Sisterly Love
Picture of my sister and me when we were younger. The background is in full color. The color of our skin is black and white. And if you can't tell, the clothes are faded.

My Reality
"My reality is your dream." It's something different than what I usually do. A compilation of three photos.

Ayumi Hamasaki
Just something, nothing much to explain.