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Chapter 1
Wednesday, 1 February 2006
Chapter One
Chapter One – All over again

[75th Street and 3rd, N.Y. Brooklyn]
“I never get a chance to stay in a place more then five months.” thought a young man, no older then 15. His name was Nick. Nick appeared to be an average teenager with brownish hair, eyes to match, and often wore clothes double his size. He didn’t want to move but his dad made him and there’s no way that will ever change. As he unloaded the cardboard boxes into his new home, a rundown shack with two rooms inside, Nick seemed fascinated with the action developing in the sky. A flock of birds were formatting around the orange sky.
“Come on…what can you possibility be looking at!?” His father screamed from the car and Nick quickly looked back down at his father. “Well?” His father asked impatiently. His father was a strict man, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care about his only son. He took care of him, fed him, sheltered him, and even sometimes bought him something new. He was a buffed up man who loved to work out, always wanting to stay fit. Nick’s father basically went to work for a construction company and would then come home, collapse on the couch, and watch baseball games ‘till he went to sleep.
“Sorry, Father.” said Nick as he quickly moved over to help his dad with another box. They just moved to Brooklyn, New York since his company reopened like they said they would in 2009 and his dad was welcomed back. He liked it in Brooklyn; it was crowed with lots of noise and great shopping right on the avenue. After spending time in the last house in Long Island, Brooklyn seemed like one gigantic hang-out.
After several minutes of moving the boxes inside the house, both men sat on the porch. His dad patted him on the back and gave him a smile. “I’m proud of you son. You’re strong like your father.” His father gave a little muscle monition with his arm. “You even got you fathers look.” Nick let out a small laugh and his father laughed with him. “I know you hate to move, but we have to. I hate leaving and going to a whole new place but if we want money we have to make sacrifices.” His father said looking up and closing his eyes. “You know your mother was just like you. Would always get mad about moving no matter how many times we did it.”
Nick didn’t like hearing about his mother so he quickly jumped up to his feet. “I’m a bit tired from driving. I’m going to go lie down.” Nick said and before his father could respond, he ran into the house. His father shook his head and looked back towards the sky, wondering what to do.
[Brooklyn 45 street and 4th]

“Stop being an idiot and pass the ball.” Screamed a boy about the same age as Nick. His name was Marshall, with his dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall and slim, and dirty white tee-shirt on. He was walking with his little brother Matthew, that likes to be called Matt. Matt was throwing a small rubber ball into the air and kept smacking it so that it would go back up and then do it over again.
Marshall quickly snatched the ball and pushed his brother to the side and grinned. His brother went to push him back but he moved out of the way and his brother almost tripped. “Come on! It was my ball first!” Yelled Matt but Marshall just kept walking now, slapping the ball in the air like his brother. Matt was only nine but always wanted his way.
“Shut up man!” shouted Marshall and his brother made a sound before running ahead towards his house. Marshall just kept smacking the little ball in the air and catching it. He watched as his brother ran across the street and bashed into their house and began screaming. He smiled, sure his brother was annoying but he reminded of himself a lot.
After slowly walking to his house he entered and threw the ball on the counter. He walked into his bedroom and slammed his door and fell on his bed and closed his eyes. He rubbed them and made some weird sounds before getting up and opening his window. He then turned on his 12 inch T.V. and dropped back onto his bed and began watching.
He was kind of happy that school was starting in only two days. It’s not that he was nerd or geek but he just wanted to go back and be with his friends. Most had jobs while others were on vacation so he was pretty much with his little brother all summer. He heard a knock on the door and screamed “YEAH!?” and his mother entered. She was well into her thirties but she looked like she was in her 20’s with her beautiful blue eyes and brownish hair.
“Honey, dinner is ready.” She said and he turned over and looked at her. “Come on you don’t even eat with us anymore.”
“Mom just leave me alone. This place is so goddamn boring!” He yelled and put his head back the way it was to watch his T.V. program. They only moved here around 4 months ago and it’s very different. Where he came from in California to come here was a bad mistake. Nothing ever happened here unless it was a festival or parade.
His mother left and he looked at the T.V. wondering if life would ever change…for the better.

[Brooklyn 53 street and 3rd]

“Yeah you could go to hell to!” Yelled the boy threw the Headset. This boy was a bit chubby with Jet black hair which he usually kept down. His name was Fred and he was around the same age as the two other boys. He had grayish blue eyes which everyone called is a freak for and he was tall and always wore contacts.
“Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!” He shouted as the results of his game came up. “God I’m the bomb… Alright guys I got to go… later.” He said and took off his headset and shut off his consol. He ran to his ringing phone and picked it up. “Yes I know…8?...ok fine I’ll be there.” He said and hung up the phone. He wore black a lot and had a piercing on his eyebrow. He was in the group you would call “Goth” and was proud. He loved to listen to rock and heavy metal.
He went into the kitchen and grabbed a soda can and went back to watch some T.V. After finishing his drink he went and grabbed the phone and pushed in some numbers and began his conversation.
“Hello, is John there?”
“Yes, hold please.”
After a few seconds of Fred picking his nose his friend came on.
“Yo John what you doing today?”
“Going to work later, why?”
“I don’t know, thought we could chill guess not.”
“Nah man sorry, maybe tomorrow. Plus school starts Monday so we could chill after.”
“Just got to remind me of school huh?’
“Yeah well you know.”
They both laughed and his friend continued to talk.
“Well I got to go and get ready for work. I’ll call you when I get home.”
“Alright, later.”
After both hung up the phone Fred threw the phone on the counter and lied down closing his eyes. He hated school and now in less than 3 days he would be going back to it. He turned on the T.V. and began watching some programs. After awhile he fell asleep and began dreaming of ways to win in his game.

[Brooklyn 55 street and 5th]

There sat another boy same age as the other, named Petered. He sat at his computer, typing away at the keyboard. Skinny he was, weighing barely 100 pounds. He had bushy brown hair and dark black eyes. He was in most of the science fairs and most times won. He was as they call it at school “Geek squad” Or “Nerd Weirdo’s” either one was just as bad.
He didn’t care much about it though, as long as he past he knew he had a better life than the ones who can’t pass. He quickly rubbed his hair and began to typing on the keyboard even quicker. After a short while, he stopped and got up from his desk and went into the kitchen and grabbed a soda.
Once back in his room he sat back down, drank his coke and then began to read. He was a quiet kid, had a few friends, but never had a girlfriend of any sort. He stayed at home most of the time, just spending his time on the computer or watching T.V. or doing projects. He wore regular clothes; normal blue tee-shirt and normal jeans which kids made fun of him for.
He heard a sound on his computer and quickly closed his book and looked at his screens. He smiled and began to type fast as he could, writing all sorts of messages. Then he jumped as his door slammed open and a little girl walked in, his sister, Karin.
“Hey weirdo, Mom said dinners in a few minutes.” She said with no emotion whatsoever and slammed the door closed. He frowned and shook his head in disapproval.
“I got to get a lock.” He said and turned back to his computer to type away. After a few minutes of typing he left his room and sat down next to his mother and father and little sister.
After eating some of his macaroni, his mother began to speak. “Well you two are going back to school on Monday right?” Both nodded and she smiled. “Good and Peter you will take your sister to school right?” She asked and he looked up in surprise.
“What? Why the hell I got to take her? She is 13 she could walk herself.” He said in protest but his mother was already mad. So he looked at his food and pushed it out of the way. He got up and began to walk his room. “I hate you!” He yelled and slammed the door shut.
It’s not that he cared to take the extra blocks to drop his sister off but his mother made him do everything for his sister. He began to really hate living there. He began to hate living period so he went back to his computer and began typing frustrating messages to the few friends he had.

“Is that them?” The women sitting down asked. She was looking at the four boys and their profiles. “And makes you say they can do the job?” She asked and looked up, no hope in her brown eyes. She wore a black tight suit which zippered from the back. He had high heels high and her red hair in a bun. They were in a plain white office with a huge white table that could sit at least 20 people. There was a huge screen, which was black at the moment, and the shining light from the light bulb above.
“Well these boys seem to all be different, almost completely different but for some weird reason the same. We believe that those four will do the jobs we give them.” Said the man standing next to the women. “Please Ms. Ross, give me a chance with them.” Begged the man. He was a big buff man, no older than 40, tan skinned. He had a tux on and wore a hat saying EWA Inc.
“Fine…but if they don’t work out Carl it’s on your head.” Ms. Ross said and got up and walked to the Blue tube. It was a human size and built for any weight. It was a tube that transported you from the lower ground back up to level ground. Both got into separate ones and before they were lunch Ms. Ross spoke. “Carl, for your sake, I hope your right.” He grinned and they were off.
Carl looked around but there was really nothing to look at. It was extremely dark and if it wasn’t for the little light coming from the backup light it would be unbearable to see anything. The dirt was all you could see and the other tube was not visible from there one you were in.
The tube came to a sudden halt, making both jump. They waited and it opened as they walked on solid ground again. Carl pushed a door open and they were introduced to a old wooden house. They flipped the light on and both sat down on the wooden chairs and looked at each other. “God, do I hate wood.” Said Ross as she squirmed around trying to sit right. Carl couldn’t resist letting a few chuckles to pass by.
“Well Ross this is it. Tomorrow I will be sending them the message…If they don’t come we may have to use some force.” Said Carl now sounding serious. “Once they are all here I will give them each their cases.” He looked over to the 4 large white cases. “Tell them how to use everything and they’re off.” He said smiling as she nodded.
She looked at the cases with her eyes glued to them. “So these will be the new Exterminators.” She said with a smiled as she watched the sun finally set.

Posted by crazy/exterminator at 7:27 PM EST
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