Draven: The Character

Meet Draven. Draven Trace Silverwood was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, March 28, 1990. His birthplace was Kilkenny castle, to be exact. From the beginning, there was something specail about Draven.

On the night of March 28, a horrid electrical storm hit Kilkenny. The storm caused Lady Silverwood to go into labor. When Draven made his entrance into the world, a series of lightning bolts blasted the castle, three of them striking near the room where the delivery was taking place. Draven's skin color changed to a light blue, and then a dark red, and then a glowing orange before returning to normal.
Five minutes later, Dakota Gabrielle was born. Nothing seemed unusual about the girl.

Very little is known about the Silverwood parents. They were pureblood, and Mr. Silverwood had a talent of angering people. He had been involved in affairs with single women, married women, widowed women, you name it. These affairs produced two other children, however neither Draven nor Dakota have ever met them. These affairs also produced a long string of rampaging husbands. The Silverwoods were brutally murdered on the night of March 1, 1991.

Draven was taken to Estelle and Robbins O'Conner, a half-blood couple who could not have children. They could not understand why, every time Draven became upset, they had to move into a new home. They moved a lot. Finally, Robbins O'Conner said that they would not move again, and the ceiling caved in and he died. By that time, Estelle had connected the events with Draven and refused to keep him any longer.

Lola McGram was happy to take custody of the four year old. She was a freshly widowed pureblood witch with one son, Cole, who was just a year older than Draven. Lola showed Draven as much unconditional love and support as she did Cole. Draven grew up a very happy child.

Draven was raised to be a gentleman, but could not help his fascination with the fairer sex. He became something of a playboy type, dating multiple girls at once, often having two or more dates on the same night. His friends nicknamed him The King, and the name stuck.
At twelve, Draven lived within walking distance of his sister. They attended the same school and were as close as siblings could be. Nothing could have come between them.
Then came Jessica, a bouncing, bubbling, unbelievably irritating muggle. Draven fell for her, much to Dakota's disliking. Dakota began to tease and taunt Draven with a quote from the Shakespeare play Antoy and Cleopatra - "He hath given his empire Up to a whore." He grew to hate Shakespeare, and slowly began to build a hatred for his sister.
Before long, Jessica and Draven had grown far too close and began to fight consistantly. As he grew more and more agitated with her, Dakota read more into the situation than there truly was. In the middle of a muggle classroom, Dakota murdered Jessica. The hatred between the twins grew quickly, as did Dakota's liking of the phrase.

After Jessica's death, Lola and Cole set out to build a very specail, very secret room in their home. It was a room specifically for Draven, and required a specail code to enter or exit. Once inside, there could be no magic preformed at all. No one else could enter until Draven decided to let them.
The purpose behind the room was to protect Lola and Cole, and also Draven himself, from his own ability. The one ability that he could not control. When Draven became angry, or reached the breaking point, the world around him began to destroy itself. In that room, he and his family were safe.

At thirteen, Draven and Cole both received acceptance letters to Hogwarts. He was so excited to be going, and could not wait. Then his dreams were shattered when he learned that his sister had been forbidden to attend. Though he felt a severe hostility toward her, he agreed to wait. He would wait until Dakota could attend, or found a way to attend without her parents approval. Dakota found that way, three years later, in permanently blinding her mother.

**This bio leads only up to the event just before starting Hogwarts. These events are purely fictional and are for role playing use only.