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My bag

!) My kitty change purse
!) A few recets and just little pices of srap paper
!) 57 cents in my change purse
!) My rhinstone sunglasses
!) 1 buttercream lipstick
!) 1 smackers buttercream lip frosting
!) 1 tie die lip frosting from bath and body works
!) 1 browm lip stick, I don't know what brand
!) 1 dark pink bath and body works lip stick
!) 1 tester lip stick
!) 1 ae lip gloss
!) 1 little pad this to help put on the lip glosses
!) 1 cute little pink Clinique bag that i keep all my little lipsticks and lip glosses in
!) 1 par of hoop earings
!) eclipse strips (the blue kind)
!) A pony tail
!) Another pair of earings
!) And a little key chane thing
!) Oh yeah and can't forget the little zipper thing that broke off thats at the bottum of my bag!