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May 2 11.34 am
2 days until my birthday can't wait. I got a new guest book so shimmy your way on down there and work your magic. Sorry about the hituas, my site totaly got deleted so i had to re-do my hole page. Well i think thats about all the updates for know. Much love Bekah

May 3 1.56 pm
Hola My birthday is tomarow, but somehow i'm not that exsited. My best friend can't do anything because she got grounded. :( That sucks i know. Ok if any of you guys are reading this, I was woundering if any of you guys new of any good softwears, My dads like we can't get a new computer but we can get some new softwear, if any of you guys know about this please e-mil me or sign the guestbook. Thanks. Well thats about all the updates for know. later
May 9 1.52 pm
Sorry i havent updated in a few days. Well I had a really great birthday got lots of cool stuff. I'm going to add a few more subpages so chack out the content. I'm looking for more link exchanges so if you want to do one, Sign the guest book. Alright later Bekah
May 13 7.21 pm
I'm not takeing anymore link exchanges. I'm all filled up. Eventuly I might add somemore slots but probbly not for a while. Sorry. Well I added a few more subpages, nothing big check them out. I'm working on getting a frame on this page it might take me a while I'm having troubles. Haha. Well thats about all the updates for now. Later Bekah
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