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Dave Moffatt

Before I knew who Orlando Bloom was, before Fastlane, before Lord of The Rings, before Alias, before highschoolfantasydream, before chicken nuggetts (Ok, maybe not before them) There were two things I was more obsessed with than anything in the whole world... The first was Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the other was... Dave Moffatt. But sadly, he threw himself off the radar with a little sibling rivalry, and is struggling to do something meaningful with his life. I admire him for that. Now who knows where he is, and I've moved on... But Dave will always be here in my heart, becuase I loved that kid more than anything EVER. I'll never forget him, or Clint, Bob and Scott. Come back, Guys. Until the, revel in the memories of...

Why I love Dave, and why I'll always remember him-


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