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Name: Natalya Shonski
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs
Powers: 1.) Cat-like flexibility. Allowing her to land on her feet when falling from the most 30 feet up, allowing her to bend her spine and twist into different positions without injury.

Birthday: May-27
Other Distinguishing Traits: A small birthmark on the right side of her stomach that looks like a paw print with little spots where the claws would touch.
Hobbies: Dance, gymnastics, boxing.
Occupation: College student.
Studies: Geneticts (Major), Dance (Minor), Gymnastics (Minor).
Family: Razvan Shonski(Brother, recently deceased). Doren Shonski (Father).

Short biography: She was going to CSLA at the time of her brother's death, at the time, no one clasified her gymnastic abilities as relation to a mutation, until her brother was found dead, with his hands, feet, ears, and tail in the form of a tiger. Then they started to question Natalya's abilities, crashing her into the mutant category and calling her cat-like. Causing her to be kicked out of CSLA, and her father decided she was an embarrassment and sent her somewhere where he didn't have to take care of a "mutant daughter," to Xavier's School For The Gifted.