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CrapVan's birth

Friday, 2 June 2006
First Pre-CrapVan blog entery!
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Topic: CrapVan's birth
CrapVan's birth is still a while off, I have to save up alot of money yet, and my amazon addiction has reverted back to an e-bay addiction, that and economics exams arn't helping, but I'm setting myself a due date! 1/8/2006! If I don't have the money by then I'm getting an over draft! (It's not like I need a good van, I'm gonna trash it any way!)What I'm worried about is the £2000-2500 engine conversion. That's gonna set me back, especially with university fees... (we remain optimistic). But If I don't have CrapVan by august I wont be able to catch the end of the club circuit, which would be smelly. But I've given up on common sense! My and Rum will have our baby! So July is overtime month... It's hard being a single parent, paying for adoption, but it would be even harder to give birth to a Van! And I'm sick of pretending to be normal! I want to ride around in a fucked up hippy/white-van-covered-in-hippy-paint van! DAMMIT!

Posted by crazy/crapvan at 1:52 PM BST
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