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CMT Award Show!
I hope you got to watch this show!
Jeff Foxworthy
hosting this show made it a modern day Redneck Hee Haw Show!
They did a terrific job the show was very
entertaining as well as being an excellant Awards
Show that the fans voted for the winners!

Video Of The Year

Carrie Underwood ... Before He Cheats
Carrie's Comments:
"It was at the CMT Awards last year that I gave my very first acceptance speech ever.
Let me tell you, itís great to be up here again. Thank you, fans.
Iíve had such an amazing, blessed two years.
I started out on a fan-based show, and you guys have continued to support me throughout everything."
-- Carrie Underwood

Group Video Of The Year

Rascal Flatts ... "What Hurts the Most"
Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts comments:
"To the fans, we wish every show was fan-voted. Youíre the reason why we make records.
We thank you for all your love and support." --Gary LeVox

Male Video Of The Year Award

Kenny Chesney ... You Save Me
Kenny's comments:
"I want to thank ... all the fans out there who have come to see us throughout the years.
And, really, I want to thank [director] Shaun Silva who continues to raise the bar
to a place where a lot of people still try to reach. Iím proud of him." -- Kenny Chesney

Wide Open Country Video Of The Year Award

Jack Ingram ... Love You
Jack's Comments:
"Just to be mentioned in the same breath as Johnny Cash is an honor.
And to be nominated with Jimmy Buffett and Sheryl Crow, Iím honored." -- Jack Ingram

Johnny Cash Visionary Award

Kris Kristofferson
"About 42 years ago, back when I was still wearing an Army uniform
and I was older than Hank Williams was when he died, I shook Johnny Cashís hand
backstage at the Ryman Auditorium. And it changed my life. He was my hero.
He was my inspiration. He was my champion. And ultimately, incredibly, he was my friend."
-- Kris Kristofferson

Female Video Of The Year Award

Carrie Underwood ... Before He Cheats
Best video by a female artist.
Carrie's Comments
"Fans, once again, thank you guys so much. Youíve been so wonderful to me.
Everybody at the fan club, you guys are amazing." - Carrie Underwood

Video Director Of The Year Award

Roman White
for "Before He Cheats" -Carrie Underwood
"Iíve got to thank Carrie. Sheís one of the sweetest people Iíve ever met." -- Roman White
"This guyís amazing. I love you, Roman." -- Carrie Underwood

Duo Video Of The Year Award

Sugarland ... Want To
Jennifer Nettles's Comments:
"Thank you, CMT. Thank you to the fans. How exciting. We love that you vote for this.
It makes it that much more special." -- Jennifer Nettles

Break Through Video Of The Year Award

Taylor Swift ... Tim McGraw
Taylor's Comments:
"This is for my MySpace people and everybody who voted.
The fans, yíall, Iím going out on tour with Brad Paisley, and this is coming with me
to every single [autograph] signing line, so you can get a picture of the award you won for me.
Thank you so much." -- Taylor Swift





April 16, 2007