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AOL CD Collecting as a NEW Hobby!

Now's the perfect time to START ! If you're collecting AOL CDs then you already know you're in on the ground floor of this new and exciting hobby. Much like Baseball Card Collecting, don't you wish you had saved those early AOL CDs ? Well here's your chance to pick up on those hard to find AOL CDs before everyone starts collecting like they do now with the new US Mint State Quarters. I'm sure you will find a CD or two you'd like to have within the photo sections.  So if you have extra AOL CDs send me your photos and we'll see if we can't put a trade together. If you're hot to go but don't have trader CDs right now then check out my eBay Store where you can purchase some really unique AOL CDs.

I've been asked why I collect America Online (AOL) CDs, my basic answer is always the same:  I really don't know why, but why not?  Why does anyone collect anything?  Think of AOL CDs as simply round baseball cards, and everybody collects those!  All the variations of AOL CDs are interesting, and it's certainly a challenge to find new CDs.

Now that AOL has stopped producing and distributing CDs all those CDs you once tossed into the trash can suddenly may have had value.  Look at the US Mint State Quarter program.  People started collecting those just because their interest was sparked.  Now it's a huge hobby.  Collecting AOL CDs has already started but is posed to take-off bit time. Don't believe me?  Go to eBay and type in a search for 'aol cds' and see what you find.  So start your own collection now while there's time to get in on the ground floor.  

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AOL CD Collecting is a new hobby just like baseball card collecting was long ago.

If you need more information about aol cd you will find a very informative website at AOL CD Collecting.

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