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Josh's Comic's and Character Design

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Hi my name is Josh I am currently Attending the Art Institute of Colorado for Media arts and animation. I like to do character designs and hope to profession in that field whether it be designs foir videogames or designs for anime, comics, cartoons etc. I like to work on comics and is another chioce i also want to have down the road in the future. I am currently working on some projects for Divine authority comics, so if you like comics and like my work fo check them out they got some pretty cool stuff going for them.(webpage provided in list. If you would like to contact me about workin on projects for you my email is or if ya just wanna hit me up to talk my aim is the same. Here on this website i have posted my artwork, please do not steal anyof this work for it will end up in harsh consequences. I hope you enjoy my work. (currently all pics not up due to construction) Thank you and Enjoy!